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General Information

Prom and After Prom

Prom and After Prom are May 14th and 15th! Tickets on sale now until Thursday, May 14th at midnight!  Click here Don’t miss out on this night to remember! You must be a student in good standing to attend.  You must login with your Forest Hills email account to purchase.


2nd Semester Exam Schedule 21-22

2021-2022 3rd Quarter Honor Roll


2022 Graduation

2022 Parent Guide to Graduation


2022 One-Stop Shop for Graduation 

This document is updated regularly as needed with new information.


Saturday, May 28th, 2022. Cintas Center at Xavier University at 3pm. Cap and Gown and Invitation orders due to Graduate Services, Inc, by December 6th.

Order online at Graduate Service Inc  or at their Newtown office, 7022 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45244.  (513) 272-5890  

Click HERE for the Dos and Don'ts guideline for Cintas Center at Xavier

Lifetouch Info for Graduation Pictures




The RapStore is now open!  Our student operated store benefits Anderson High School students.

New Parent Orientation Information presentation

SENIOR Parking pass application 

JUNIOR Parking pass application 

21-22 School Supply list: Organized by Course Name


Class of 2022 Senior Portraits   McIntire Photography

McIntire is the photographer for all senior portraits in the yearbook.  Seniors must go to McIntire to have a picture in the yearbook.  No purchase necessary, but there is a sitting fee. No outside photos cannot be submitted.

School Senior Profile 2021-2022

2021-2022 Student-Parent Handbook


CALENDARS: Find the academic calendar for 2021-2022 and the draft for 2022-2023  online now under RESOURCE CENTER

VACCINATIONS:  Incoming 7th and 12th graders are required to have documentation on file in the health office of having received the following vaccines:

7th grade: 1 Tdap AND 1 meningitis vaccine

12th grade: 2 meningitis vaccines (or 1 if the first one was received after their 16th birthday.  Please provide documentation from your physician's office or clinic to the school health office as soon as possible. More information 

BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE: Find the link with information and guidelines about FHSD device policy here


On December 18, 2017, the Board of Education Policy Committee met to review Board policy 5430 “Class Rank”

In June, a district committee representing parents, counselors, teachers, and administrators began examining Forest Hills’ weighted course system, class rank and graduation recognitions to ensure all systems support student learning, postsecondary goals, and student wellness. Through their extensive research of other school district practices; college, university and military academy acceptance procedures; and student feedback, the group reccomending updating the Board policy to empower students to take challenging classes that they find most interesting, as well as better support the future goals and well-being of individual students.


Appropriate dress and grooming are expected and student dress and grooming should reflect a respect for others. Repeated violations of the dress code will result in disciplinary action. 

All apparel designed by groups, organizations and individuals for distribution to Anderson students must have administrative approval. Failure to follow this procedure will result in disciplinary action.

The following is the dress code:


  1. Clothing worn by students is expected to be clean, neat, modest and appropriate for school.

  2. Dress and grooming are expected to be free of distractions to the education environment and must not endanger the health and safety of students and/or staff.

  3. Shirts and tops must be long enough to tuck into lower garments and may not expose the torso, midriff or undergarments when the student is standing, sitting, raising his/her hand or bending over. Shirts/tops must have high enough necklines to cover all cleavage.  Pants are to be worn at the waist level. The appropriate length for shorts, skirts and/or dresses is mid-thigh. In order to determine mid-thigh length, a student must fully extend arms and fingers at their side. Clothing length must extend below the fingertips. No portion of the buttocks or undergarments should be exposed when the student sits, stands, raises his/her hand or bends over. Garments should not drag the floor.

  4. The following items are not permitted to be worn: pajama attire; spiked or studded clothing and/or accessories; heavy chains; clothing with tears or holes; clothing or accessories with reference to alcohol, drugs, violence/weapons and/or tobacco; clothing or accessories with suggestive, profane or lewd symbols, slogans and/or pictures; hats, caps, bandanas, hoods or other form of head covering; clothing referring to the development of a team, gang or other groups without permission of the administration; leggings/tights unless covered with a top reaching to mid-thigh; tank tops, halters, midriff tops, crop tops, spaghetti strap tops; open mesh garments; garments with open sides which expose skin or undergarments; and muscle tops (shirts with oversized armholes).

  5. Students must place hats/caps/head wear in their locker prior to the beginning of the school day. Items not placed in lockers will be taken away by school personnel and kept until the end of the school day.

Athletic Gold Pass

Gold passes are available at the District Office, to obtain a gold pass you must be over 60 years of age and live in the Forest Hills School District.  Gold passes are being honored but if advised by the Department of Health to limit attendance at athletic events we will have to revert to not being able to accept gold pass holders.