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Community shares opinions on schools, communication

October 26, 2017

Forest Hills School District invites parents, students, staff and community members to share their thoughts on district communication efforts and customer satisfaction by taking an online survey.  The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

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The survey can also be taken in hard copy format.  To obtain a hard copy of the survey, call Erika Daggett, communications associate director, at 231-3600, ext. 2966.

“The district wants to obtain feedback from a diverse audience regarding important aspects of customer satisfaction, specifically related to educational delivery and district communications,” said Daggett.  “We want to hear from all residents about specific values, beliefs and goals they consider to be essential for a high quality experience.” 

The last communication survey was conducted by FHSD in 2015 and led to the creation of two-way communication channels; districtwide strategic branding efforts; a redesigned, mobile website; and targeted efforts that increased the district’s social media following by 27 percent in 18 months.

The survey, which will help further develop the district’s educational direction and strategic communication plan, can be taken until Nov. 17.

Questions about the survey can be directed to Daggett at the number above or                                                                                              

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