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“Lucky Stiff” at Anderson High School a Quick and Clever Comedy

November 11, 2022

Anderson Theatre’s first show of the season, the musical comedy “Lucky Stiff,” begins with a bang, literally, and runs at break-neck pace from then on.

“It’s a farce,” explains sophomore Caitlin Hartley, who is the show’s Designer for Front of House. “That means it’s a comedy that has a lot of ludicrous humor, and many crazy events happening in a short amount of time. The show takes place in the span of about a day and a half, and so many things happen!”

Photo of the cast of Lucky Stiff.“Lucky Stiff” was the first musical written by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, the Broadway team known best for “Ragtime” and “Seussical,” and its premise is indeed ludicrously funny: a lonely British shoe-salesmen must take the body of his dead Uncle on a whirlwind tour of Monte Carlo in order to inherit a promised six million dollars. If he fails, the money goes to a charity for lost dogs run by an awkward American woman who naturally watches him like a hawk. Of course, don’t forget the bang from the opening number—that was from a gun in the hand of said Uncle’s near-sighted, impetuous, New Jersey girlfriend, and she has her eye on that six million as well!

Director and Teacher Hannah Linser-Wilder loves introducing new genres to the students of Anderson Theatre.

“We haven’t done a true farce in a long time,” she says. “This show is filled with barely controlled chaos and improbable events that pass by at breakneck speed. It’s terrific for the kids, and audiences will love it.”

“The characters being as strange as they all are is what sells the show for me,” says junior Sam Chandler, who plays a mysterious Italian stranger. “Plus the music is great. My favorite song is ‘Him, Them, It, Her.’ It’s so fun.” The song comes during a frantic and hilarious chase scene involving multiple hotel doors and a host of characters.

Hartley agrees, and is eager for audiences to come see the show. “Everyone needs something to laugh at! And this show is truly is amazing.”

“Lucky Stiff” at Anderson High School runs November 18 through 20. Tickets are $15 at the door, with a special student/senior 60+ price of $10 available by purchasing early. Information and purchasing links can be found at

You can view the production's flyer here and find a ticket order form here.

Photo Caption: The cast of Anderson Theatre’s “Lucky Stiff” are all hoping to change their lives for the better. Shown here are senior Lee Trout as Uncle Tony, junior Sam Chandler as Luigi Gaudi, junior Olivia Weddle as Dominique du Monaco, senior Josh Berning as Harry Witherspoon, senior Ellie Elmore as Annabel Glick, senior Sophie Teague as Rita La Porta, and senior Nathan Knarr as Vincent Di Ruzzo.