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School Connection Student Survey Rolls Out in January

January 4, 2023

The letter below was emailed to all Forest Hills School District families on Wednesday to inform the school community of an upcoming student survey. The FHSD School Connection survey is designed to gather important information about student engagement, connection to school and student views on their futures. That information is invaluable to the district's regular reflection of current practices and will inform classroom instruction, support services and other programs at school. For additional information, please read the letter from Assistant Superintendent Kim Tinsley.

Hello Forest Hills Families,

Our goal at FHSD is to provide the best possible educational experience for all students. We take this responsibility very seriously and are regularly looking for ways to improve our services for students.

One valuable way we can learn about our operations and potentially find new ways to continue to strengthen our educational programs is by collecting feedback and information from our most important stakeholders: students.

All schools will administer the voluntary survey to students in grades 2-12 between January 16 and 31, 2023. Your child’s principal will communicate more specific details in their weekly email newsletters. Again, this is a voluntary survey and there will be no consequences or penalties for students who do not participate. This survey will be administered during school and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. No information collected in this survey will be stored on a third-party server.

As parents and guardians, we appreciate and value your role in your child’s education and we want to share this important information to allow you time to review the material and ask any questions you may have.

Some of the questions cover topics including student engagement, connection to school and student views on their futures. You can read your school’s full survey by clicking the links below.

Secondary FHSD Connection Survey Questions
Elementary FHSD Connection Survey Questions

We believe it is important to have a strong understanding of these parts of the school experience to better serve our students and provide a welcoming environment, which is paramount to education. Learning does not and cannot happen if students do not feel safe at school, both physically and emotionally. This information will help our educators better support students by providing insight into the student experience, which we will use to inform our classroom instruction, support services and other programs at school.

If you DO NOT want your child to participate in this survey, you can send me an email at or sign the School Connection Survey Opt-Out Form and deliver it to your child’s school.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact me or your building principal.


Kim Tinsley
Assistant Superintenden