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Students scrub up on science during Soap Convention

May 1, 2018

Anderson High School students recently competed in the 15th annual Soap Convention, a competition between AHS chemistry classes. Teams of students simulate a soap company by making soap, developing a marketing campaign and then competing for staff member votes during the Soap Convention. Votes are awarded based on the quality of the soap, marketing, knowledge and salesmanship. 

First-place honors went to Wonderland Soap who edged out 11 other group competitors due to an impressive marketing display based on “Alice in Wonderland” and soap shaped like characters from the movie thanks to student-created silicone molds.  Second-place honors went to Soda Soap which made soap based on popular soda drinks and sold product from a “diner” booth. Third-place honors went to Sponge Bob Soap who presented pineapple soap on a boat display.

“We offer this activity because it connects chemistry to real life. When students participate in hands-on learning, they get really excited about it,” said Justin Good, Anderson chemistry teacher.  “They really flourish and show their creativity during the Soap Convention.  It’s rewarding to see students clearly interested and passionate about science.”

Wonderland Team Soap winners

Wonderland soap characters