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A Cappella Chamber Choir

Mrs. Haney 

A Cappella Chamber Choir is an auditioned vocal ensemble of students from Anderson’s choral department in grades 10-12, who focus on challenging music for mixed voices.  Their repertoire spans from the Renaissance era to choral music of today.  ACAP is known to perform at many venues in and outside of school, bringing to the listener an outstanding musical experience.  Rehearsals take place on Mondays after school and will require student preparation outside of rehearsals.

Mondays from 2:30 p.m.-4 p.m. in the chorus room (255).

Anderson Vinyl Club

Mr. Larrison

Room 104, Fridays after school for 30 mins.

Students listen to vinyl records for about 30 minutes. Most of the time, students will bring in vinyl records to listen to but there is a collection that stays in the room. There is one record player that plays for the whole room and another that students can plug their headphones in to listen on their own. 

Art Club

Mrs. Schell

Most Thursdays from 2:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. in room 150

Art Club creates art for service. Students help with various school and community projects such as face painting, making banners and decorations, and raising money for the Art Club Scholarship.


Mr. Newton

AD office

Chamber Orchestra

Mr. Ledbetter

Tuesdays, 2:15 p.m.-3 p.m. in Orchestra Room.

Membership in this select string orchestra is by audition only. This group functions as the public representatives of the Anderson High School Orchestra program.  Giving four to five public performances per year, this group meets weekly after school to rehearse a wide variety of literature. 

Computer Club

Mrs. Herron

Room 205, morning announcements will share event dates

Computer Club is a student-run activity and is determined by the interests of the current class of students.  Past events have included lan parties, movies, robotics and discussions.

Craft Club

Mrs. Schuster

First and third Friday of every month

Students craft and share crafting techniques and projects.

Conspiracy Theory Club

Mr. Larrison

Mondays, 2:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

Group discussion on the theories behind mysteries and conspiracies through history.

Cum Laude Society

Mr. Kammerer




Mrs. Vanderhorst

Room 143

DECA is co-curricular to the marketing classes offered at AHS.  Thus, to be part of DECA a student must be enrolled in the marketing class their junior and senior year. 

Disc Golf


Contact Mr. Weddle

This club meets once a week in the fall and spring and compete against other schools in tournaments at local disc golf courses.  Students learn skills, vocabulary, and have a great time!

Drama Club

Mr. Weddle

Meet every second Tuesday room 109 from 2:30 p.m.-3 p.m.  If there are changes to the schedule, it will be noted on

Drama Club is a student-run organization that has several events throughout the year including seeing professional shows, fundraising activities, participation in the Theatre League, and an annual trip.  

Dunder Mifflin Club

Mr. Granger

Every Tuesday morning, room 109

Students select an episode of The Office to enjoy before school starts

Educators Rising

Mr. Lynch

Room 144

Educators Rising provides passionate young people with hands-on teaching experience, sustains their interest in the profession and helps them cultivate the skills they need to be successful educators. Students participate in this club concurrent with their enrollment in the AHS Teacher Academy program. Students have the opportunity to attend leadership training, college experience and both state and national conferences.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Mr. Thatcher

Every Friday at 6:45 a.m. in room 118


This is a gathering of Christian student-athletes who meet for weekly devotions. It is open to all students, not just athletes. 

Free Form Debate

Mr. Walla

Room 223, after-school on Fridays

The Free Form Debate Club meets to discuss current national or world problems, focusing on issues that are important and relevant to the nation. Participants will have the opportunity to share their perspectives in a small community of open-minded thinkers.

For Better or Verse Poetry Club

Mr. Henning

Second and fourth Tuesday over every month, 2:20 p.m.-3 p.m., room 115

This a student-run club for those who love to read, listen to and sometimes write free-form poetry.  The group organizes slam poetry events once or twice a year. All are welcome. 

Future Business Leaders of America

Mr. Cook

Room 202


Games Club

Ms. Funicelli

Mrs. Keep

Room 227

Room 103

Wednesdays after school


A social club for students who like to play games: board games, role playing games (Dungeons and Dragons or more modern RPG games), video games, chess, cards, etc.  Anyone can come any week.  Anyone can bring a school-appropriate game.

Gaming Club

Mr. Spitzmueller

Fridays from 2:15 p.m. to 3:30 pm

Students meet to play competitive games such as Smash Bros. for the Wii or Mario Kart 8. All skill levels and experience welcome.

Gay Straight Alliance

Mrs. Schuster

Every other Thursday, room 119

GSA- is a group of gay and straight students that get together to discuss topics pertinent to the lgbt community.  They also arrange fundraisers and community awareness issues.

Gender Equality Club

Mrs. Henning


This student-run group raises awareness about the issues of gender expectations and disparities that impact women and men. 

German Club

Mr. Urbaniak

Room 136

A place where students taking or are interested in German language and culture can socialize and learn new things in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Good Vibe Tribe Mrs. Price The Good Vibe Tribe meets the first and third Thursday of each month from 2:20 p.m-3p.m. Location TBD. The Good Vibe Tribe is a group of students and staff dedicated to positivity and promoting mental health at Anderson High School.

Handy Helpers of Anderson

Mr. Wolf

Activities held after-school


Hi Five Tribe


Room 132

High 5 Tribe encourages students with and without special needs to build and maintain friendships, experience achievement together,  and build skills.



Mrs. Herron

Meetings are held at the University of Cincinnati as scheduled by INTERalliance

INTERalliance is an organization that partners local businesses with high school students to encourage IT skills and create a pool of talent for Cincinnati.  If any student is interested in forming a group, contact the adviser directly.

Jazz Program

Mr. Beiderman

Weekly schedule TBA

AHS has two jazz bands which are selected through auditions of ability and experience. Jazz One and Anderson After-Hours begin rehearsing at the conclusion of marching band season in early November). A variety of jazz styles are learned including funk, samba, swing, rock and reggae.. Both groups utilize traditional big band instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, trombones and rhythm section (bass guitar, piano and drum set). 


Mrs. Keep

Fridays, Room 203

JETS prepares students for an engineering competition at the University of Cincinnati

Journalism (Newspaper/Yearbook)

Mrs. Pendery

Room 201, during school day

Students in grades 10-12 who take the Jounralism course produce the school yearbook and newspaper.  Applications are accepted in the spring of a student's freshman year.  

Key Club

Mrs. Cook

Mrs. Kemper

Every Tuesday after school in room 208

Key Club focuses on ways to serve others in the community by taking part in a city-wide philanthropy program, adoptng an underprivileged kindergarten class, organizing a canned food drive, and more!

Latin Honor Society

Mrs. Davidson

Meetings occur a few times a year and are usually meet in room 133.  Occassioanlly, meetings occur off campus.

Latin Honor Society is an organization that honors students for their excellence in, and dedication to, Latin.  The society also comes together for various classically-themed meetings/ conventions.

Link Crew

Mrs. Bailey

Meet during homeroom every day in the fall with a mandatory eight-hour training during the summer and required attendance at Ninth-Grade Orientation.

Link Crew is a Student Leadership Transition Team that leads Freshmen Orientation and works in ninth-grade homerooms throughout the course of the school year.

Magik the Gathering

Mr. Spitzmueller

Room 110 on Wednesdays from 2:20 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

Students meet to play the card game Magic: The Gathering. This club is very flexible in that students can meet and play other games if they would like. 

Mock Trial

Mr. Armstrong

Traditionally, mock trial will meet for an hour after school once a week in September and one or two times a week through January. There is a Saturday scrimmage in December, a scrimmage after school at the Hamilton County Court House in January and a competition during school hours the last week in January. The rigorous nature of mock trial will require work to be completed at home. 

Ohio High School Mock Trial offers an innovative approach to learning about law and how our legal system functions. Guided by teachers and volunteer legal advisors, students participate in an original, unscripted simulated trial written by attorneys.  High school students argue both sides of the case in real courtrooms at the Hamilton county or Clermont county courthouse with lawyers or judges functioning as competition  judges. This is a demanding yet satisfying team competition.


Mr. Weddle



National Honor Society

Mrs. Herron

There are no official meetings, but members are expected to participate in school activities and community service opportunities.

National Honor Society celebrates accomplishments in four areas of student life: scholarship, leadership, character, and service.  Students may request to be considered for induction in the spring of their junior year.

Nintendo Club

Mr. Spitzmueller

Room 110 on Fridays from 2:20 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.. *subject to change

Students meet and play various video games. The popular game students usually play is "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U" but any and all school appropriate video games are welcome.

Photo Club

Mr. Stanyard

Once a month, office campus (usually on a Saturday)

A club devoted to students exploring the art of photography. The club is open to all students, and will focus on off-campus excursions to photograph local people, places and things.

Poetry Club

Mrs. Henning

Second and fourth Tuesday of every month from 2:20 p.m.-3 p.m., room 115

This is a student-run club for those who love to read, listen to, and write free-form poetry.  The group organizes slam poetry events once or twice a year. 

Prom (Junior Class Plans)

Mrs. Horn




Mr. Jones

Thursday mornings at 6:45 a.m..  Small group mentor groups meet in various locations

SALT (Student Athlete Leadership Team) is a club for student-athletes who are committed to becoming better leaders, making positive decisions and elevating the AHS athletic program to its greatest heights

Ski Club

Mr. Good

Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, Indiana on
Wednesdays in January and February

 Skiers and snowboarders are welcome;  Perfect North offers lessons, so students do not need to be an experienced skier to join. Bus transportation is available!

Spanish Honor Society

Mrs. Campos

Room 113, once a month

After three years of Spanish, eligible students can be inducted. The society recognizes achievement in Spanish and promotes Hispanic studies and culture.

Superhero Club

Mrs. Schuster

Room 119, once a month

Superhero enthusiasts play superhero trivia and watch movies.

Travel Abroad Club Mr. Henning Wednesdays every other week after school in room 115 Helping students find opportunities to travel internationally in order to broaden  awareness and understanding of other cultures.

Student Council

Mrs. Bailey 

Mr. Brandon

Room 135

Room 135




Mr. Weddle



Unified for Uganda

Mr. Walla

Room 223, every other Thursday

Unified For Uganda is a club that focuses on funding educational opportunities for destitute families in northern Uganda, particularly those devastated by the lasting civil war. Students work to raise money, supporting one student in Uganda with every $300 they raise. 

Young Democrats and Independents

Mrs. Funicelli

Room 140

Young Democrats is a club that meets to discuss local, state and national Democratic politics. This is a student-led organization with leadership opportunities to develop the group. 

Young Republicans

Mrs. Pendery

Room 141, once a month

Young Republican Club meets to talk about political matters.  The club focuses this year on the candidates and the issues facing America.