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General Information


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Camp Kern

Camp Kern will be held from May 4 through May 6th.  The cost for Camp Kern is $150 per student to cover the cost of transportation, food, lodging and the environmental education materials used at camp.  If partial or full financial assistance is needed, please contact your child's school counselor.  Payment for the Camp Kern Fee can be made here.


Several enrichment activities are coordinated by the PTA and change throughout the year.  They range from visual arts, STEM, jump rope and many more.  Learn more.

Ayer Cares: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe

Ayer has implemented a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) model of behavioral interventions and supports to ensure our students can engage in a safe and productive learning environment.  

Below are our school-wide expectations for all Ayer students. 


Be Respectful


Be Responsible


Be Safe



  • Be willing to compromise

  • Line up promptly

  • Clean up and share equipment

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship

  • Use equipment properly

  • Stay in personal space



  • Use quiet voices

  • Use positive language

  • Be considerate and accepting of others

  • Raise your hand, ask permission

  • Clean up

  • Eat your food

  • Stay in one seat

  • Keep hands and feet to self

  • Walk safely



  • Be silent

  • Wave & smile

  • Take the most
    direct route

  • Walk in a single file line

  • Keep hands and feet to self

  • Walk on the right side of the hallway

  • Face forward



  • Be an active learner

  • Use positive language

  • Be considerate
    of others

  • Be prepared

  • Follow activity directions

  • Clean up

  • Use self-control

  • Walk

  • Use materials as directed



  • Use quiet voices

  • Give privacy to others

  • Use restrooms correctly

  • Clean up

  • Use time wisely

  • Walk

  • Wash hands


Start of Day

  • Be seated and silent during announcements            

  • Complete classroom morning routines

  • Walk

  • Keep hands and feet to self



  • Be silent during announcements

  • Know your daily
    dismissal plan

  • Walk

  • Keep hands and feet to self

  • Keep electronic devices in backpack



  • Use quiet voices

  • Use positive language

  • Listen to the bus driver

  • Take all materials on and off the bus

  • Load and unload in an orderly manner

  • Stay in seat

  • Keep hands and feet to self

  • No food or drink

  • Follow bus expectations



  • Silent when presenter
    is speaking

  • Be focused on speaker

  • Walk in and out in an orderly manner

  • Follow quiet signal

  • Stay seated

  • Keep hands and feet to self


Behavior Flow-Chart

This flow-chart guides Ayer's school-wide consistent approach to support behavioral needs.

Behavior Reinforcements

Ayer Falcons can earn tickets as reinforcement for following school-wide expectations.  They can redeem these tickets for a menu of options and incentives. 

White Ticket Rewards for Grades K - 3

White Ticket Rewards for Grades 4 - 6

Red Ticket Rewards for Grades K - 6