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(see below for flyer guidelines and processes)

Summer School Flyer - Elementary  /  Middle School High School

Flute Classes: Summer Skill Builder | Grades 6-12| Register ASAP | Lessons in June and July

TCS goIT Internet of Things Summer Program | 13+ | Register ASAP | Events in June

Jeff Wyler Boys & Girls Club FREE Summer Camps | Grades K-11 | June 5 - July 28

Ohio Soccer Association Soccer Unlimited Summer Camp | Ages 5-17 | June 19-23

Coever Summer Soccer Camps Discount Code | Ages 5-17 (Half Day) or 7-14 (Full Day) | Register ASAP| June-August Various Dates

Child Focus Mental Health Technician Course for Incoming 11th and 12th Graders | Register ASAP | Course Runs June-July

The DNA Learning Center, University of Notre Dame | Summer Camps in June & July | Grades 7-10

Code Ninjas Anderson Township: Computer Coding Camps, Clubs and More

Kumon Math and Reading Center of Anderson

D1 Training: Athletic Training for Ages 7-18

YMCA Before/After School Program 

Hawks Lacrosse

YMCA Lifeguard Openings

Scouts BSA Troop for Girls

Head Start 

Sylvan Learning Center Opportunities


Please note: the below guidelines and processes are applicable to organizations that are not run by FHSD. These guidelines do not affect flyers that publicize events and opportunities run by FHSD (student clubs, student activities, events run solely by the school).

Flyers and information publicizing events or opportunities from organizations and individuals who are not goverend by FHSD must be approved by Central Office; this includes posting of flyers, information, brochures and letters on school bulletin boards, information tables/kiosks, the district/school website, school/district social media channels and district/school newsletters.  

Requests are appreciated at least 2 weeks prior to distribution. Every effort will be made to give a prompt response, but delays in approval may occur.  

To request distribution of a flyer or information by FHSD or any FHSD school, email Josh Bazan at the following information:

  1. PDF (not a scan) of information or flyer to be distributed
  2. Contact person - name, phone and email
  3. Sponsoring Organization - name, website or address, phone number
  4. How the flyer should be distributed 
  5. Not-for-Profit ID Number of Organization

    *For-profit organizations will be approved for distribution under the following conditions: 

    1) The business indicates they have entered into an agreement with a school principal or district administrator about the offer/event. 
    2) There is a direct benefit (i.e. scholarships, fundraising) to the school/district and that benefit is stated on the flyer or information.


Once approved by Central Office, the flyer or information will be posted on the district website, which will directly link to all school newsletters. In cases where requested and approved, hard copies flyers/information may be posted in schools in locations approved by the principal. Board-approved support organizations may also request that Central Office approve four flyers or informational pieces for hard copy distribution to all students in a school each school year.  

CRITERIA for Approval