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Seventh- and eighth-grade students in Forest Hills attend Nagel Middle School, one of only 21 schools in Ohio to be named an Ohio School to Watch for being academically challenging, developmentally responsive and socially equitable.

To help meet the needs of all students, middle school students are organized in to small learning communities called “teams”.  Through these teams, Nagel staff members cross subject areas and work together to meet the needs of students, provide a more personalized educational experience and form strong relationships. Focus is given to main subject areas, social and emotional growth, technology, and college and career readiness and planning. In middle school, students experience flexible schedules and technology-infused learning spaces that foster collaboration and allow learning to drive the schedule, not clocks or access to resources.

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Assessments are a very important aspect of learning as they assist in progress monitoring, evaluation of instruction, and engaging students in their own academic and personal learning. Essentially, assessments enhance student, parent and teacher understanding of student learning; show evidence of progress; identify students who may need additional enrichment or intervention supports; and guide instruction toward course material mastery and personal growth.

Forest Hills believes in a balanced assessment approach that blends assessments from local, state and national perspectives and: