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Food Service

The Forest Hills Food Service Department operates in all nine schools and has kitchens in each school to prepare fresh, nutritious meals for students. The department strives to promote healthy eating habits among students by incorporating whole grains, low-fat dairy options, fresh produce and low sodium products in every meal at an affordable price. 

For three consecutive years, the entire Food Services staff across Forest Hills School District earned Clean Kitchen Awards from the Hamilton County Public Health Department. The awards honor food service facilities, including restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores, eateries and schools, for outstanding efforts in sanitation and safety education. The honor reflects Forest Hills’ commitment to excellence, where cafeterias district-wide serve lunch to more than 3,500 students each day.

Forest Hills’ Food Services is self-sufficient, meaning no local tax dollars fund the department and supplies and salaries are paid through school meal purchases and federal reimbursement from the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program.


November Elementary Menu
November Secondary Menu
December Elementary Menu
December Secondary Menu


  • Reduced-Price Breakfast (Anderson and Mercer): Free
  • K-6 Lunch: $2.00
  • 7-12 Lunch: $2.25-$3.75
  • Reduced-Price Lunch: Free
  • Milk: $0.50


Elementary nutritional information
Secondary nutritional information

Data provided is for informational purposes only and should not substitute for the advice provided by a physician or other health professional. The accuracy of the information is based on data obtained from food manufacturers, food distributors, and product packaging. The Board and district neither assume any legal liability nor make any warranty or guarantee of any kind of this information.


Competitive Food Sales Policy 8550
Food Service Policy 8500
Guidelines for Medical and Food-Related Issues
Frequently Asked Questions: Food Allergies and Food Guidelines
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Procedure for the Collection and Payment for Charged Meals
School Beverage and Snack Food Guidelines
Vending Machine Policy 8540
Wellness Policy 8510


Our food is consistently of good quality and taste, as well as safe and nutritious for our students.

Tia Straus

Tia Straus
Food Service Supervisor