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July Blog: Work continues during summer months

School is out but work hasn’t stopped around Forest Hills School District. This is an essential time for teachers and staff to engage students through unique opportunities, grow through professional development, and plan for the upcoming academic year. 

Forest Hills School District recently launched its “Experienceship” program, which allows students to participate in different career fields. More than two dozen community partners signed on to guide FHSD students and the first experienceships began this summer. Twenty-five Forest Hills high school seniors are gaining real-world experience with the Cincinnati Reds, Zeal40 Marketing and Advertising, Lundrigan Law Group, Beechmont Automotive, Queen City Clay, Mt. Carmel Brewery, Anderson Senior Center, YMCA Lyons, Gold Star Chili Inc., Larosa’s and UPS. The students and community partners are equally enthused to work together, and students are exploring interests that may lead to future careers! We are very excited about the Experienceship program, new connections with community volunteers, and  the many ways “experienceship” benefits students. 

FHSD students prepare for their Cincinnati Reds experienceship with employee Maxx Sample (center)

Did you know that more than 400 Forest Hills students have studied abroad since 2016? These global learning opportunities continue over the summer with separate groups visiting four countries. Twenty Chinese language students and three teachers recently returned from China. While in China, they visited the Forbidden City and the Great Wall in Beijing and discussed the history of each site. Students participated in Beijing Opera Combat at the local opera school, a Chinese tea ceremony, and learned Tai Chi at the Summer Palace. Other highlights include the Terra Cotta Warrior Museum in Xi’an and discussions about Emperor Qin and the Qin Dynasty in Chinese history. It was quite the adventure! These trips help students expand their opportunities for language immersion, cultural enrichment, science expansion, and receive high/college credit depending on the trip. We are grateful to be able to offer these impactful experiences at Forest Hills!                                    

FHSD students and teachers at the Great Wall of China

Hard work is also taking place in the classroom this summer with more than 350 students enrolled in summer school. Summer school is offered at all grade levels. Courses range from math and language arts to personal finance and world cultures. Our teachers enjoy working with students over the summer and by the looks of this photo, students are “diving” right in!

Elementary students "diving in" to summer school at FHSD 

Lastly, summer is also an important time for our staff to prepare for the upcoming academic year. Our teaching staff and administrative team recently participated in insightful and inspiring professional development centered around the district’s EPIC Culture of Learning: Empowered, Personalized, Innovative, and Collaborative! Our EPIC Culture is one of many ways Forest Hills differentiates itself from other districts and continues to meet all of the needs of students. 

I hope that you and your family are enjoying summer break. The Forest Hills School District staff is already looking forward to the first day of school on August 15! We can’t wait to kick off the 2019-2020 school year with more than 7,300 eager to learn students.