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March Blog: We're in this together

Forest Hills Families, 

The past few days have been full of unique challenges for our nation, state and community. I am grateful for the flexibility and patience that Forest Hills parents have given us as we navigate through circumstances that continue to change rapidly. As we approach our first full week with empty buildings, our teachers have been working hard and are highly-equipped and prepared to begin remote learning with all students next week. 

There have been many questions about what next week will entail. While there is no perfect substitution for in-person instruction, our teachers are ready to engage with students in a way that best supports their learning needs. As we roll this out, I want to assure you that our teachers will be flexible with their expectations as they work toward a more systematic workflow framework for all. We’re all in this together! 

I also believe it’s important to note that there is a distinct difference between the district’s remote learning plan and homeschooling; we do not expect parents to be the educators. Teachers will provide students with assignments, instruction, guidance and feedback. We want to work in partnership with you to support your student’s needs; we do not want to create additional stress or burdens in your household during this time. We want to achieve a daily rhythm where students are independently working with occasional assistance from a parent or guardian.

Along those lines, I want to share information with you regarding new resources in place to assist your family during the closures. The district currently provides box lunch options, available by pick-up, for Forest Hills students. On Monday, the district will begin a meal delivery program for families in need of assistance. Forest Hills School District is also partnering with the Forest Hills Foundation for Education and other community organizations to provide a limited number of Go Packs for families in need of shelf-stable food items. Lunches and Go Packs must be ordered 24 hours in advance; please click here for more information or call 513-231-3215. Additionally, if you do not have internet access in your home, please call 1-844-488-8395 to receive free Spectrum WiFi for 60 days. 

The district has created a website dedicated to the latest information we have related to the closures, remote learning plan and our responses to coronavirus concerns. I recommend that you check this website daily as we will continuously update it as new information is announced. The website also includes an updated Remote Learning FAQ and new resources from our school counselors. Please continue to keep an eye out for emails from me and the weekly newsletters you receive from your child’s principal. 

Do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s principal if you have any questions over the next few weeks. Even though the schools are closed, we continue to work diligently to support your student’s learning. We are available via e-mail and voicemails left at the schools will be checked daily. 

We all play a crucial role in keeping our community strong and vibrant, and we must continue to unite in support of our students and one another. As this situation continues to develop, I promise to continue to provide accurate information as quickly as I can. Please stay safe and be well.