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Technology Overview

The Forest Hills Technology Department coordinates closely with the Teaching and Learning Department to deepen learning experiences by integrating technology into the curriculum. Through research-based best practices with technology integration, students engage in meaningful learning opportunities, which ultimately lead to greater academic achievement and growth. Students connect, collaborate and create with their peers locally and around the country and world, as well as learn from guest instructors, whether it be an author or an expert in a particular field of study.

Students engage in creative, high-level thinking as they learn and apply their understanding through a variety of mediums with technology, such as: interactive presentations, online simulations, video creation, graphic design, and augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR). Students may also participate in special events such as Global Read Aloud, which provides the opportunity for students to read and discuss books with other students across the globe. Students are empowered through a self-directed educational experience that allows them to access learning anytime and anywhere, and prepares them for the digital world that awaits them after graduation.


Provide personalized and authentic learning through 21st Century environments and practices by providing enhanced organizational supports and demonstrated stewardship of taxpayer investment.


Every district building offers a wireless infrastructure to which students and staff connect. All students (and parents/guardians of students who are minors) are required to agree to a Student Technology Acceptable Use Agreement before accessing the district network or wifi. Information from the internet is filtered before it reaches the district or student wifi. Once the data is received by the district, it goes through a physical appliance that offers additional filtering. In essence, internet content and data is filtered twice before reaching any student device on district wifi. Although a full-proof filter doesn’t exist due to the exponential growth of the internet, the district will continue to upgrade filters and firewalls to offer as many protections as possible to ensure responsible use of the internet and wifi.


Forest Hills approves all software through a formal approval process that ensures that software is appropriate for students, particular age groups, and is consistent with the FHSD curriculum and meets accessibility standards. If a software does not meet accessibility standards, a comparable alternative will be provided.


The district follows the following hardware model:

  • Preschool: one iPad for every five students

  • Kindergarten: one iPad for every four students

  • Grade 1: one iPad for every student

  • Grades 2-11: one Chromebook for every student

  • Grade 12: Option to receive a district-provided device, or bring your own device (BYOD)