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Blended Learning

As personalized learning (tailoring curriculum and delivery of curriculum to meet student needs) and digital natives (students born in the last 20 years who are adept users of technology because of its integration in their lives) become the norm in education, Forest Hills is working to meet the demands and needs of today’s students by continuing to implement blended learning. Through these efforts, and by being a part of the Leadership in Blended Learning program, Forest Hills is a leader in innovative learning.

By incorporating technology into classrooms, students are able to more fully explore subjects and interests; collaborate in new ways (such as in online discussions with other students); connect to more resources, including topic professionals without being present in the classroom; access assignments and resources via the internet for any time, anywhere learning; become better prepared for a technology-based world; and much more. In addition, parents, students, and teachers are able to better evaluate a student’s understanding of course material via online assessments created by teachers.

Staff members are trained in combining internet and digital media with established classroom curriculum to ensure delivery of high quality academic content to students. By combining traditional ways of teaching, face-to-face time with teachers and guided support with technology, students raise their success levels. Leading research, and Forest Hills, has found this to be an effective way of teaching that empowers students to excel and is more effective than face-to-face and online learning are alone.


FHSD Innovative Learning

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