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1:1 Initiative


Emerging next generation curriculum is different from traditional textbook based curriculum by emphasizing collaborative learning experiences, demonstration of learning mastery using multiple methods (including non text based means), and use of online digital resources. In order to provide students access to this curriculum and learning strategies, and to better prepare them for the digitally enhanced and information rich environment they will encounter in higher education and the modern workplace, the district recognizes that every student needs a district managed educational computing device. The most supportable and cost efficient way to provide this is through a 1-to-1 Chromebook program.

What does “district-managed” mean?

District-managed means that your child’s Chromebook is enrolled in the district’s Google Chrome Management console. Enrollment requires a license to be purchased and assigned to a specific device. Once enrolled, the district can push out network access policies, filter web content, and manage apps and extensions.  It also allows for additional web and content filtering.

Enrollment in the district’s Google Chrome Management console is also an important part of protecting your student’s online/data privacy and assisting students in creating a positive digital footprint.

Does the district offer Accidental Damage coverage?

All Chromebooks are covered under a 4-year extended warranty with accidental damage protection. In the event a device malfunctions or is damaged and in need of repair, the Chromebook may be turned in to the Learning Commons, and the district will assist in having the device sent back to the vendor or their authorized repair partners for servicing. The servicing center may choose to repair the broken part or replace the device with an equivalent device in good condition depending on the severity of the damage to the device.

Accidental damage protection covers damage from normal wear and tear on the device including a broken screen, a cracked case, or a sticking key, but may not cover intentional or malicious damage, vandalism, or a device that has been submerged in water. Accidental damage does not cover loss or theft.

Bring Your Own Device

Forest Hills allows the opportunity for students in grades 7-12 to bring their own device. Should students choose to bring their own device, it is also expected they bring their district-provided Chromebook each day. This program will no longer be supported beginning in the 22-23 school year. 

Accessing Daily Assignments and Grades

The district utilizes Schoology for students in grades 2-12 and Seesaw in grades K-1 for students and parents to access instructional materials. Students and parents can find grades in ProgressBook. 

To access these resources, please visit: 

Forest Hills also partners with Cincinnati Bell Technology Services to provide parents with cyber education opportunities and trains teachers on how to effectively use technology to engage students in learning.  

For assistance, contact Steve Meece, Technology Director, at 231-3600, ext. 2957 or


All Forest Hills schools have technicians to assist students and teachers with technology-related issues. The support process is as follows:

Grades PK-6

  1. Students will tell a teacher they need assistance.

  2. A teacher will put in a tech ticket. 

  3. A technician will come to the classroom to assist the student.

Grades 7-12 

Students will go to the Learning Commons where a representative will help them. 


Technical support for Progress Book, Schoology and more is available by emailing