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Mental Health

The Forest Hills School District prioritizes the health and safety of all students, including their mental health and wellness. Our teachers and staff undergo regular training to be aware of mental health challenges for students and provide necessary support, guidance or referral to resources. FHSD utilizes evidence-based training approaches to guide its support to mental health and maintains strong partnerships with local experts and accredited mental health agencies to meet the needs of our students.

The FHSD Wellness Team aims to create a school culture that empowers students to achieve personal success, staff to achieve personal success and that promotes district continuous improvement. The district works to provide authentic learning opportunities that engage and empower each student to achieve their goals. 


Community Presentation

Forest Hills School District hosted an informative discussion on student mental health and suicide prevention with partners from the University of Cincinnati and Child Focus. Please click the image below to watch the full presentation. You can read about the presentation here.