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Community Partnership Program Offers Internships and Career Development Opportunities to Students

February 3, 2023

The Community Partnership Program at Forest Hills School District is kicking off a new semester with a revamped approach and updated format, intentionally designed to offer valuable, hands-on experiences for students. This program offers after school internship, shadowing and workshop opportunities through a valuable network of community partners.

Photo of FHSD and community partners.Local businesses and organizations from a variety of industries have generously offered to work with Forest Hills School District to make learning experiences possible for high schoolers. There are representatives from fields like medicine, engineering, architecture, law, nonprofits, small business and more.

The three pathways (internships, shadowing and workshops) allow students to benefit from these experiences in a way that fits their personal schedule best. The goal is to allow students to grow in their professional skills, experience new challenges, and discover their interests and passions. Students will also get the chance to prepare for college, a career or the military and receive invaluable mentorship and feedback from leaders in their field of interest.

FHSD Community Partner Specialist Melanie Hartong speaks to members of the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce.Students are invited to apply for various opportunities through their Schoology accounts. Turpin students can visit their class page. Anderson students can head to “Anderson in the Know” or “Counselor Connection.” Under the resources tab, there will be a folder titled “Community Partnerships 2022-2023.” Information there breaks down the different types of opportunities and explains everything students and their families need to know about the program.

There is also an option for students who don’t see their specific field of interest, so the district can try to connect them with an opportunity that better suits their needs.

Community Partnership Specialist Melanie Hartong leads this initiative and has worked with a variety of local businesses and other community leaders to develop the program. She has also presented information at FHSD’s Parent Academy in January and at the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce membership meeting on February 2, 2023.

FHSD Community Partnership Specialist Melanie Hartong speaks to families during Parent Academy.Applications are due by February 14, 2023 and opportunities for some students will start to get off the ground in March. If you have any questions about the program or if you’re a business interested in learning more, please contact Melanie Hartong at