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FHSD Recognizes Trailblazing Township Trustee

February 28, 2023

This February, FHSD is highlighting stories in our community to celebrate and recognize the importance of Black History Month.

Anderson Township recently elected its first-ever African American member of the Board of Trustees. Lexi Lausten is a proud wife, mother, nurse, public servant and member of the Forest Hills School District community. Lausten’s two daughters, Khloe and Violet, are students at Wilson Elementary.

“I have two Wilson Wildcats,” Lausten said. “They are loving the school.”

Lexi Lausten poses for a photo with her family.Lausten says she’s grateful for the chance to give back to her community and, for her, serving as a trustee is not something she takes lightly. She was elected to her position in November 2021.

“It’s a great privilege and it’s a responsibility serving your community,” she said. “They have asked you to represent them, so I have the responsibility to advocate for everyone in the community. I take that seriously.”

Forest Hills School District and Anderson Township work closely together in a variety of ways. Although the two public entities fulfill different roles in the community, Lausten says a shared goal brings everyone together at the end of the day.

“[Forest Hills School District] is one of our biggest collaborators,” Lausten said. “We’re all pushing for the same goals, obviously with a bit of a different purview. At the Township we have a strong relationship with the schools and we all want to see our kids be successful.”

One example of the longstanding partnership between FHSD and Anderson Township is with the History to Schools Program. This joint effort offers a memorable and valuable experience for Forest Hills students related to nature, history and civics. Anderson Township, FHSD, the Village of Newtown and the Anderson Township Historical Society all work together to create an incredible learning opportunity for students who get the chance to visit Anderson Center and get a firsthand look at government in action.

Lexi Lausten poses for a photo with her family at her swearing in ceremony as an Anderson Township Trustee.Lausten says her career as a nurse and her role as a public official are rooted in her desire to serve others and the community she cares about. She regularly thinks back on the individuals who made it possible for her to become the first African American Trustee in Anderson Township’s history.

“Not only am I grateful to my community for electing me in the role of trustee, I also reflect on the history of Black Americans who didn’t have the rights I do today,” Lausten said. “These are Black Americans who made a great deal of sacrifices so I can sit in this seat and serve in this role.”

During Black History Month and throughout the year, Lausten says these are important topics she discusses with her family.

“Any of these Americans who are the first—who paved the way—they’re not forgotten,” she said. “If you have this desire to get out there and serve your community or to do something different, just do it. I think that’s the way you can honor those who paved the way.

To learn more about Anderson Township operations and get involved, please visit their website here.