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Parents must update student information for upcoming school year

It’s time for Forest Hills parents to update or confirm student information online for the 2020-2021 school year. Parents must complete this process for each child enrolled in Forest Hills School District, as it includes emergency medical information and other information the district is required by law to have on file for each student.

This process is required for all FHSD students, including students who are enrolled in the FHSD Virtual Academy. If your child is enrolled in the Virtual Academy, please note that their account will list their home school and not FHSD Virtual Academy.  

Forest Hills School District intends to distribute regular updates to families regarding COVID-19 and potential changes to the district's learning plans. Please note that the information will be distributed to the contact information provided during this registration process. As this communication may be time-sensitive and may contain crucial information regarding your child's school, it is very important that this process is completed as soon as possible.

The primary contact listed on the student’s file will receive an e-mail on July 27 that contains instructions, a link to the PowerSchool website, and your child’s snapcode. The snapcode is like a secure key to your child’s information for the upcoming school year. You will receive a unique code and link for each child. 

If you have questions, please call Central Office at (513) 231-3600, ext. 2960. You can also email or to ask any general questions about the process.