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The Future of the AHS Mascot

Forest Hills Families and Staff,

In recent weeks, the district has received hundreds of messages from those who wish to voice their opinion regarding the Anderson High School mascot.  We read each message and respectfully consider all perspectives provided as we carefully pause and reflect on the significant conversations taking place in our school district, its community and across the country. 

It’s vitally important that all of our schools and school grounds are welcoming, safe and inclusive spaces for students, staff and community members. We continuously strive to do better, listen more and move forward in our collective purpose to empower every student every day.

We encourage civil discourse on the topic of the mascot, and we believe it is important that appropriate time and respect be dedicated to this discussion. As such, the Forest Hills Board of Education will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, June 30 at 7 p.m. to discuss the future of the Anderson High School mascot. As our buildings remain closed, this meeting will be held virtually and can be viewed via our YouTube channel.

If you would like to continue to share your opinion regarding the future of the Anderson High School mascot, you can send the Forest Hills Board of Education an email at

We are grateful for the countless people who have expressed their opinions and suggestions on this topic. We want to assure all those involved that we are invested in this important conversation and intend to reach an outcome that is representative of who we are as a district and the community we proudly serve.