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FHSD Remote Learning Parent FAQ

Remote Learning Plan

March 30-April 3:  Remote learning focusing on new learning of standards   

April 6-13: Spring Break  

April 14- May 1: Remote Learning will resume with a focus on new learning standards

What can I expect from remote learning following Spring Break?
Will the buildings be open if my child forgot something?
What if my child needs tech help?
What if we do not have wifi in our home?
How will student work be graded?
What if I have a question and/or how can I contact the teacher/counselor?
How will state and national testing be impacted?
How will spring sports and activities be impacted?
How will pre K-2 receive additional work? 
Do students have to follow normal school times to complete their assignments?
Can students work together virtually?
Will we have to make up these days?
What if family obligations resulting from this period of national emergency prevent my student from being able to finish assignments?

Lunch Available for Pick-up

Further updates will be shared as they become available and we appreciate your patience as we work through this ever-evolving time period. This is a very new process for us all, and we are looking for as many opportunities to make this a smooth transition for us all, and most importantly, our students.  Our teachers and Learning Design Specialists have prepared materials for a new way of learning in a very short period of time. While we know there is no perfect replacement for the direct instruction of a highly qualified teacher, we will work together to be as responsive as we can. 


Updated April 16, 2020