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District Facilities


In 2014, district residents approved the passage of a bond issue. Funds from this bond allowed the district to extensively renovate eight neighborhood schools and build a new school to replace Wilson Elementary.

District-wide renovations included:

School principals share below how the renovations positively impact students by providing safe, comfortable, state-of-the-art classrooms and flexible spaces.

Anderson High School:

7560 Forest Road

Sq. footage: 235,000

Number of classrooms: 83

Please describe some of the renovations in this building: Anderson High School has air conditioning, new electric, plumbing, flooring, lighting and paint. The building also has a new auxiliary gym and weight room. With two new elevators and the reconfiguration of the athletic and performing arts entrance, all of AHS is now handicap accessible. There are now security vestibules, exterior doors and security cameras. Students are safer with a new sidewalk, guardrails, and extra lighting in Anderson’s north parking lot. Safety has also significantly improved due to moving the buses off campus. There is also increased parking for athletic and performing arts events.

How have the renovations enhanced student learning? New flexible furniture throughout Anderson provides a better environment for student learning. Air conditioning during hot fall and spring months helps students feel more comfortable and ready to learn. Two brand new science rooms were constructed (one physics and one chemistry) and all science labs are state-of-the-art. - Anderson High School Principal Rob Fellows

Turpin High School:

2650 Bartels Road

Sq. footage: 220,000

Number of classrooms: 65

Please describe some of the renovations in this building: Turpin High School has air conditioning, new electric, plumbing, flooring, lighting and paint. THS has a new auxiliary gym and athletic entrance with a lobby, concession stand, spirit shop, athletic offices and reception area. Students have a new band room, new main office and counseling center. There are security vestibules, card-swipe entrances, exterior doors and security cameras. Turpin has a redesigned front entrance with increased visitor parking.

How have the renovations enhanced student learning? Flexible furniture in the classrooms allows teachers to quickly change the set-up from lecture, to small group settings, to individual learning areas. The learning commons has breakout rooms where teams or groups of students collaborate on projects and use technology to enhance their work. - Turpin High School Principal David Spencer

Nagel Middle School:

1500 Nagel Road

Sq. footage: 170,000

Number of classrooms: 67

Please describe some of the renovations in this building: Nagel Middle School has a new safety vestibule, new flex walls with whiteboards, new conference room, and a redesigned front office. Nagel students also benefit from having a classroom wall in the new music classroom, as well as technology enhancements and flexible furniture. The new parking lot configuration has improved traffic flow on connecting roads.

How have the renovations enhanced student learning? With the new furniture and technology, many classrooms can be arranged quickly for specific needs. By opening the flexible walls, teachers can accommodate 30 to 60 students based on their needs. - Nagel Middle School Principal Anita Eshleman

Ayer Elementary School:

8471 Forest Road

Sq: footage: 62,000

Number of classrooms: 28

Please describe some of the renovations in this building: Ayer Elementary School has a new kindergarten wing with two intervention rooms. The building has a new main office annex with a secure entry, a conference room, clinic and extended standards resource classroom. Classrooms now have walls to divide grade levels, plus half-walls between classrooms. Students also have access to a new learning commons.

How have the renovations enhanced student learning? The students enjoy learning in spaces that are like-new. The learning commons features a makerspace area and multiple areas for presentations. The new walls and half-walls in classrooms allow students and teachers to learn in their individual classrooms or collaborate between classrooms with ease. Students enjoy the natural light in the learning commons and the cafeteria, and they are more comfortable learning in the renovated spaces. Teachers enjoy the ability to have flexible groups with students. - Ayer Elementary School Principal Todd Hartman

Maddux Elementary School:

943 Rosetree Lane

Sq: footage: 67,000

Number of classrooms: 33 classrooms

Please describe some of the renovations in this building: Maddux Elementary School has a new band/orchestra room, new learning commons and new intervention spaces. Every classroom now has air conditioning, as well as new floors, ceilings and lighting.

How have the renovations enhanced student learning? The students benefit from more comfortable learning spaces and intervention spaces, as well as new speech and counseling rooms. Maddux has two extended learning spaces that allow for flexible grouping. Band and orchestra have their own space downstairs, which improves their learning while limiting disruptions to others. - Maddux Elementary School Principal Steve Troehler

Mercer Elementary School:

2600 Bartels Road

Sq: footage: 95,000

Number of classrooms: 46 classrooms

Please describe some of the renovations in this building: Mercer is nearly a brand new building, with improved safety features and classrooms suitable for flexible learning. Mercer has a theatre, a new basketball floor and storage area in the gymnasium. A new wing was created to support full-day kindergarten classes. The Makerspace and green screen room, office spaces for itinerant staff, and a designated sensory room have made a positive impact.

How have the renovations enhanced student learning? Students benefit from a safe learning environment with new and improved spaces. The spaces provide flexibility, accessibility and are more comfortable. The gym provides use for the high school band and athletics, as well as community basketball. - Mercer Elementary School Principal Jodi Davidson

Sherwood Elementary School:

7080 Grantham Way

Sq: footage: 62,000

Number of classrooms: 30

Please describe some of the renovations in this building: Renovations included a new office addition (with a health and conference room), cafeteria expansion with large windows to allow natural light, a new art and kiln room, new music room, addition of a flexible learning space, and two designated reading intervention rooms. Sherwood added three pre-k classrooms and building storage areas. The renovation includes air conditioning upgrades, increased security with a vestibule at the entrance, and additional safety and security measures throughout the building.

How have the renovations enhanced student learning? In addition to receiving technology upgrades and flexible learning spaces, the renovations include walls and doors along the hallways and in-between grade levels. These additions reduce exterior noise within the classroom and also created grade-level pods. - Sherwood Principal Dan Hamilton

Summit Elementary School:

8400 Northport Drive

Sq: footage: 67,000

Number of classrooms: 32 classrooms

Please describe some of the renovations in this building: Summit added three classroom spaces for full-day kindergarten, a lift and an elevator for handicap accessibility, an additional preschool room/sensory/motor room and office space. The building received added safety vestibules and cameras for security, as well as a redesigned parking lot for improved traffic flow. Summit has an extended sidewalk and awnings for student safety during arrival and dismissal. Students benefit from the new HVAC system, new flooring, lighting, cabinets, technology in every classroom and flexible furniture. Summit also has a space for band and orchestra in a music wing, separate from other classrooms and the gym area.

How have the renovations enhanced student learning? The HVAC allows for comfortable learning environments all year! Flexible furniture provides increased learning opportunities for collaboration. The renovations also allow for all-day kindergarten and improves parking lot flow of traffic for parents. - Summit Elementary School Principal Michele Sulfsted

Wilson Elementary School:

2465 Little Dry Run Road

Sq: footage: 75,000

Number of classrooms: 36

Please describe some of the renovations in this building: Wilson Elementary was not renovated; the entire building was replaced and furnished.

How have the renovations enhanced student learning? Air conditioning allows students and staff to stay more focused throughout the entire day during hot days. Technology integration provides students with opportunities to demonstrate learning in creative ways. The new learning spaces and furniture provides teachers with opportunities to personalize a student’s learning experience through flexible seating arrangements and instructional methods. - Wilson Elementary School Principal Erin Stover

Additional facilities:

Operations Center:

3652 Road Bottom Road

Sq. footage: 35,000

What is the purpose of this facility? The district’s Operations Center houses the Transportation Department, the Maintenance Department, and is used as a storage facility. The district purchased the property to relocate bus operations from Anderson High School and improve efficiencies within transportation and maintenance.

How has the Operations Center improved district efficiency? The transportation department, buses and gas are no longer located at Anderson High School. This provides a safer environment for AHS students, parents and staff. There is now ample parking for students and evening events.

The Maintenance and Transportation Departments will be housed together, thus the duplication of services and equipment will be minimized. There is now a large space available for all drivers to provide professional development. Before, the drivers met in the fine arts room at AHS and took this space from other events.

The large indoor space eliminates the need for charging stations for the diesel buses when cold weather occurs. The storage facility provides ample space for FHSD storage and supplies, and it is no longer necessary for the district to rent storage space. The district can house maintenance vehicles and trucks in the facility, thus extending the life of the vehicle.

Central Office:

7946 Beechmont Avenue

Sq. footage: 17,000

What is the purpose of this facility? Central Office houses staff, including the superintendent, assistant superintendents, treasurer, Teaching and Learning Department, Student Services Department, Human Resources Department, Communications Department, Business Operations Department, Technology Department, and administrative assistants. This building provides ample space for day-to-day work, professional development and storage of permanent student records.

How has relocating Central Office improved district efficiency? The storage of permanent records at Central Office has created much needed space at AHS/THS and expedites the process of transcript requests. The increased space is beneficial to staff members for development of innovative student learning programs and staff professional development.

What happened to the former Central Office on Forest Road? Business operations, technology support and food service remain in the former Central Office; other portions of the building will be repurposed for educational space to serve various needs.