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Mercer Students Create Whimsical Public Art Display

Creativity and imagination lead to a colorful art display designed to lift spirits and brighten up your day!   200 students created artistic birds, using a variety of materials including metal, plaster, yarn, and more.  Each individual piece helps create a collaboration that is eye-catching, stunning, and cheerful. The students’ Winter Birds project was assembled in lieu of the annual Mercer Art Show.  The outdoor public artwork is currently on display at Highfield Discovery Garden in Glenwood Gardens.

Students in 1st through 4th grade created birds using their imagination, their memory, and by exploring new materials.  They also drew inspiration from Cincinnati’s own legendary artist, Charley Harper.  Art Teacher, Jessica Bohart, walked students through the planning process by recognizing that an outdoor display meant prepping and working with materials in a new and exciting way for the students!  

“When the opportunity was presented to me, I was immediately excited about students learning the value of making art as a gift and for the experience of displaying art in a public place,” Bohart said.

Bohart recently finished hanging the birds and assembling the display at Highfield Discovery Garden.  The project helped students learn the value of designing art, not only for the personal joy of creating art, but also to spread beauty, joy, and love to others. 

“The artwork was created with weather and cold temperatures in mind, but the artwork will not last forever under the Winter conditions.  My hope is that they will last long enough to bring the artwork back to Mercer and display it on campus or in the Anderson/Newtown area so that more families can see the work in person,” said Bohart. 

The project in its entirety entails three art installations.  The current display runs through March 26.  Two additional displays will occur in the Spring.  Three separate installations will hopefully provide an opportunity for each student in grades 1-6 to participate in one of the shows.  More details will be available as Spring gets closer.   

There is an admission fee of $2.75 per person; however, Highfield Discovery Garden is able to waive admission for the artists.  There is also a $10 fee for vehicle permits.  The permits allow parking access at all Great Parks of Hamilton County for one year.  For more information regarding Highfield Discovery Garden, visit the website. Take a virtual tour of the display here

We are incredibly proud of our talented Mercer artists!