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Mercer art students are working with their teacher on a whimsical series of exhibitions featured at Highfield Discovery Garden in Glenwood Gardens and Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve. Students, grades 1-6, have been collaborating with teacher Jessica Bohart for the project which Bohart designed for the children in lieu of the annual Mercer Art Show. The second of a three part series, Spring Frogs, is now on display! 

“These funny and colorful frogs are a perfect addition to the spring flowers and the whimsical nature of the garden. The frogs are sure to make you smile, lift your spirits, and bring happiness,” Bohart said.

200 frogs are hidden in flower pots, hanging around the trains, and along the park’s paths.  Students prepared the projects to be durable enough to withstand weather conditions and the possibility of curious visitors touching these adorable creations.

“As part of the project, students learned about impermanence in art and the idea that some artists make art, not for themselves, but to spread beauty, joy and love to others.  I hope you are able to get there and see the frogs in person,” Bohart said.

The project Winter Birds kicked-off the three-part series of displays. Families enjoyed colorful birds created using a variety of materials including metal, plaster, yarn, and more. Now students have moved on to the Spring Frogs collection! 5th and 6th grade students are busy creating the third installation: giant foot-long cicadas for the final installation called, The Cicadas are Coming!! which begins May 9th.

“The artwork was created with weather in mind, but the artwork will not last forever under the outdoor conditions. My hope is that they will last long enough to bring the artwork back to Mercer and display it on campus or in the Anderson/Newtown area so that more families can see the work in person,” said Bohart.   

Admission to the Highfield Discovery Garden is $5.25 per person over 2 years of age. There is also an annual $10 vehicle permit that is good at all Great Parks of Hamilton County. 

Highfield Discovery Garden:

Address: 10397 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45215

Open Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-5PM 

Sunday 12AM-5PM.  


Families are encouraged to visit their website for more information. 

Teachers who Worked on the Spring Frogs installation:

1st Grade: Mrs. Kinney and Ms. Temple

2nd Grade: Mrs. Courts and Mrs. Jallick

3rd Grade: Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Feinerer

4th Grade: Mr. Renard and Mrs. Honerlaw