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If you have not completed a background check with Forest Hills in the past 5 years, please click here for information on when/where to go to complete your background check.

Forest Hills School District has implemented a new security check in system for volunteers. Please be sure to bring your state issued ID when you visit Nagel and are doing anything more than dropping something off in the office.


Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is in need of volunteers in the afternoon to help with a variety of activities, such as:
- cleaning the tables and whiteboards
- organizing the books and tables
- helping the Learning Commons look good after a day of usage
- cutting and laminating
- making deliveries around the building
- hanging posters
- checking computer in and out



Starting in September, students will be able to go outside during lunch to burn energy and socialize with their peers. No educational time will be taken from students; they will be allowed to go outside after they eat - during a portion of their current lunch period. Once it starts to get cooler, Energy Burn will be paused and return again in May. 

PTO provides adult volunteers to help the Nagel staff supervise the students outside. If enough parents are not signed up, the students will have to remain inside.


Popcorn with the Principal

Each Friday, Nagel PTO provides popcorn to 8-10 students who meet in a small group with the principal. A different group of students is chosen each week and it's a great time to learn what they love, don't love and what they'd like to see done differently. Volunteers will make popcorn using PTO's popcorn machine, help with serving and clean up the machine afterward.

Sign up coming soon!


Athletics: Concessions & Parent Reps

Each season, a parent rep for each team helps communicate athletic PTO specific items. How coaches use parent reps is entirely their preference; PTO needs communication support.

In addition, parents of athletes are expected to work at least 1 shift at the concession stand during their student-athlete's season. We do not want parents to miss seeing their student play; there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer and still catch your team's action! Nagel PTO relies heavily on the funds raised through concessions; please help us to continue to support our athletes and all Nighthawks by giving a couple of hours of your time during the season.


Reimbursement Form

Click here to access the form

Attach your receipts and leave in the PTO Treasurer mailbox in the front office or the school.  Or scan the form/receipts and email to the PTO Treasurer



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