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Board approves bid to repair Turpin pool; district finalizes contingency plans for swimmers

During the August 26th regular board meeting, the Forest Hills Board of Education approved maintenance and repair work to begin this fall for the pool at Turpin High School. The district also finalized plans to ensure all students continue to have swimming and diving opportunities during the 2019-2020 academic year.

The board approved a bid from Shamrock Enterprises to refinish the surface of Turpin’s pool, which will stop paint from flaking into the water. The work will also correct a malfunction in the mechanical room that prevents the pool from filtering properly. All repairs will be paid for through the district’s permanent improvement fund, a fund used for maintenance and repair work. Shamrock Enterprises estimates that the project will cost $68,138 and take 4-6 weeks to complete, which means the pool should reopen in time for the 2019-20 swim season.

At Anderson High School, engineers have determined there is a leak in the pool, and the process to find and repair the leak will require more time; therefore, Anderson’s pool will remain temporarily closed. When work on the pool begins, it will also be paid for through the district’s permanent improvement fund.

“As work on the pool cannot begin until the last phase of the Anderson renovation project is complete, we are continuing our due diligence to determine the best method of repairing the pool while also keeping safety in mind,” said Assistant Superintendent Mike Broadwater. 

The student experience is always our top priority at Forest Hills and the district’s athletic directors, swim coaches, and administrators have collaborated throughout the past several months to develop contingency plans. Anderson’s swim and dive team, as well as Nagel’s swim team, will practice at Turpin’s pool. Swimming and diving will continue this year and students will have the resources needed to experience a successful and enjoyable season.

Coaches will continue to keep students and parents updated throughout this process.