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Board Meeting Recap for April 2023

April 20, 2023

Forest Hills School District is utilizing these “breakdowns” as a way to communicate specific action taken at regular Board of Education meetings throughout the year. The Board of Education met on April 19, 2023 at Mercer Elementary School to discuss a variety of topics relevant to students, staff and the community.

The official agenda and related attachments for this meeting can be found on the FHSD BoardDocs page here. You can watch a recording of the full meeting on YouTube here.

Special Recognitions

Recognized volunteers pose for a photo with their building principals.All nine FHSD schools selected a dedicated and outstanding volunteer to recognize for the 2022-2023 school year. These volunteers were presented with a certificate of commendation for their efforts to support students, staff and the entire school community. To learn more about the recognition and see a list of honorees, please read the full article here.

Superintendent Update

Superintendent Larry Hook presented information on the upcoming 6.9 mill combination levy that will be on the May 2, 2023 ballot for voters in Forest Hills. He discussed existing connections between the district and wider community, highlighted the high-quality education being offered to students, provided a brief overview of the levy and discussed what the impact will be if the levy passes or fails. You can view his presentation slides here.

The superintendent also announced a Live Levy Presentation that will take place on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 from 7:00-7:45 p.m. Superintendent Hook and Treasurer Cropper will discuss the levy and answer questions live on the district’s YouTube page. You can read more about the event and how to submit questions here. You can check out the district’s informational levy webpage here.

Treasurer Update

Treasurer Alana Cropper provided an update on the newly released Cupp Report for Fiscal Year 2022. You can download the latest Cupp Report on the Ohio Department of Education website here.

An important change in the data is related to FHSD’s Total Cost Per Pupil. Out of 22 school districts in Hamilton County, FHSD dropped down the list of CPP moving from 17th in 2021 to 18th in 2022. For clarity, the following chart details the changes.

Ohio Cupp Report Data 2021 Cost Per Pupil 2022 Cost Per Pupil
Hamilton County Average $14,068 $15,546
Ohio Average $13,387 $14,686
FHSD $12,470 $12,857

FHSD Safety Presentation

John Eckert, the district’s Director of Business Operations, provided a comprehensive overview of safety procedures and practices across Forest Hills School District. Mr. Eckert was joined by Maddux Principal Joy O’Brien, Anderson Assistant Principal Emily Stanyard and School Resource Office Ryan Wolf during the presentation. You can view the presentation slides here.

The group discussed building safety drills (fire, tornado, active aggressor) and went into detail about the ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training/drills that are utilized to prepare students and staff for active aggressors and other scenarios. This particular approach is carefully modified to be age appropriate at the different school buildings.

FHSD participates in three different emergency management tests on a rotating basis as required by Ohio law. These trainings include tabletop theoretical exercises, functional exercises and a full scale exercise. Click here to watch WCPO’s report on last year’s full scale exercise, which included representatives from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Anderson Township Fire and Rescue, Hamilton County Emergency Management, TSA and more.

The presentation also touched on the district-wide safety team, building-specific safety teams, the role of a School Resource Officer and threat assessments. Mr. Eckert also announced plans to bring back the District Safety Council, which was a positive collaboration between FHSD, Anderson Township, law enforcement, fire personnel, parents and community members. More information about that will be released in the coming months.

Board Action

The Board of Education often reviews and votes on a variety of actions that impact different departments throughout the school district. Typically, the action items presented by department representatives are voted on together as part of the “consent agenda.” For specific information about any of the following items, you can find the meeting agenda and attachments here.

The following items in the consent agenda were approved by the Board of Education.

Business Operations

  • 8.2 Electric Steamers Equipment Project
    • This resolution approves a contract with C&T Design & Equipment Company, Inc. to supply food service steamers in the amount of $224,105. You can view the resolution here.
  • 8.3 Security Window Film Project
    • This resolution approves a contract with Solar Tint related to the 3M Security Window Film Project in the amount of $76,872. You can view the resolution here.

Human Resources

  • 9.1 Human Resources Report
    • The report covers a variety of topics including retirements, resignations and appointments of different staff members. You can view the full report here.

Teaching and Learning/Curriculum

  • 10.1 Science Course of Study
    • This item approves the Science Course of Study as presented to the Board. The Science Course of Study has been on review in the Teaching and Learning Department since the March 15, 2023 Board of Education meeting. You can view the course of study here.
  • 10.2 Computer Science Course of Study
    • This item approves the Computer Science Course of Study as presented to the Board. The Computer Science Course of Study has been on review in the Teaching and Learning Department since the March 15, 2023 Board of Education meeting. You can view the course of study here.
  • 10.3 Elementary Innovation Course of Study
    • This item presents the Elementary Innovation Course of Study to the Board. Formal approval will be requested at the May Board of Education meeting. You can view the course of study here.

Teaching and Learning/Student Services

  • 11.1 International Field Trip - Anderson and Turpin (March 30 - April 8, 2024)
    • The administration of Anderson and Turpin High School requests permission for a maximum of 35 students (9-11th graders) and 4 chaperones to travel to Puerto Rico - Isle of Natural Wonders. There is a $3,034 (approximate) cost per student.
  • 11.2 Foreign Exchange Student - Turpin High School
    • The administration of Turpin High School requests Board approval of a foreign exchange student for the school year 2023-2024. Additional information can be found in the meeting agenda.


  • 12.1 E-Rate Bids for Purchase of Equipment and Services
    • This motion approves bids for the purchase of network infrastructure improvements. Forest Hills School District is eligible for E-Rate funding to offset 40% of the cost of infrastructure improvements including access points, switches, batteries, and installation costs. The bids presented are to authorize the purchase of equipment and services in the total amount of $170,451.55. You can view the two quotes here and here.

Approved Minutes

The Board of Education approved minutes for the regular meeting on March 15, 2023 and the special meeting on March 27, 2023. You can view those official minutes here and here, respectively. Click “View Minutes” under Agenda Item Details, next to the category titled “Minutes.”