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Board Meeting Recap for May 2023

May 19, 2023

Forest Hills School District is utilizing these “breakdowns” as a way to communicate specific action taken at regular Board of Education meetings throughout the year. The Board of Education met on Wednesday, May 17, 2023 at Mercer Elementary School to discuss a variety of topics relevant to students, staff and the community.

The official agenda and related attachments for this meeting can be found on the FHSD BoardDocs page here. You can watch a full recording of the meeting on YouTube here.

Special Recognitions

The Forest Hills Foundation for Education celebrated a successful running of the 14th Annual FH5K! Executive Director Stacy Gillard shared that an estimated 3,000 people attended the FH5K and more than 2,600 people signed up for the race itself. This wonderful spring event serves as a reminder of how the entire community comes together to support students in Forest Hills.

FHFE reminded the community that donations are still rolling in and being accepted until June 1, 2023. Anyone interested in donating to support the FH5K can do so on the race website here. People are able to donated year-round to FHFE at 

Superintendent Update

Forest Hills School District Superintendent Larry Hook used his portion of the Board Meeting to thank the community for supporting and passing the combination levy on May 2, 2023. You can read the letter he sent to staff and families here.

Superintendent Hook also thanked Stacy Gillard and FHFE for putting together a fun, engaging and positive community event with the FH5K. He recognized Turpin High School Principal Dave Spencer for 19 years of dedicated service to the school district and wished him well on his next role as the principal of Loveland High School. Superintendent Hook also talked about exciting spring events like graduation, recognition and awards ceremonies, musical performances and more.

Treasurer Update

Treasurer Alana Cropper presented an update to the district’s five-year forecast, which looks at projected revenues, expenditures and cash balance of the district’s General Fund. For a recap of her presentation and to view the forecast, please click here.

Board Action

The Board of Education often reviews and votes on a variety of actions that impact different departments throughout the school district. Typically, the action items presented by department representatives are voted on together as part of the “consent agenda.” For specific information about any of the following items, you can find the meeting agenda and attachments here.

The following items in the consent agenda were approved by the Board of Education.

Business Operations

  • 8.1 Anderson High School Titus Auditorium Lobby Project
    • This resolution approves a contract with Brian B. Kelly LLC for renovations to the Titus Auditorium lobby in the amount of $55,921.00. Brian B. Kelly LLC was identified as the lowest responsible bidder and the project is funded through outside donations.

Human Resources

  • 9.1 Human Resources Report
    • The report covers a variety of topics including retirements, resignations and appointments of different staff members.

Teaching and Learning/Curriculum

  • 10.1 Elementary Innovation Course of Study
    • This item approves the Elementary Innovation Course of Study as presented to the Board. This course of study has been on review in the Teaching and Learning Department since the April 19, 2023 Board of Education meeting. You can view the course of study here.
  • 10.2 School Fees for 2023-2024 School Year
    • This item approves the fee schedule for all grade levels for the next school year. You can view the breakdown for different grades in the meeting agenda here.
  • 10.3 Wellness Course of Study Grades K-8
    • This item presents the Wellness Course of Study to the Board. Formal approval will be requested at the June Board of Education meeting. You can view the course of study here.
  • 10.4 Preschool Course of Study
    • This item presents the Preschool Course of Study to the Board. Formal approval will be requested at the June Board of Education meeting. You can view the course of study here.

Teaching and Learning/Student Services

  • 11.1 Hamilton County Educational Service Center Contract for Services - IHM 2022-2023
    • This item approves a contract for HCESC to provide services to IHM in the amount of $15,707.97 for the 2022-2023 school year. This is a portion of federal grant money that is allocated to IHM, under the grant requirements, to service their students with disabilities.
  • 11.2 Resolution Agreement
    • This item approves a resolution agreement required to be kept confidential pursuant to FERPA (20 USC 1232 g et al.), R.C. 3319.321 and IDEA (34 CFR §§ 300.610 through 300.626). 


  • 12.1 Resolution
    • Resolution Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission of Hamilton County and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying them to the County Auditor.
  • 12.2 Five-Year Financial Forecast/Assumptions (FY23-27)
    • This item approves the Five-Year Financial Forecast/Assumptions (FY23-FY27) as presented. You can read more information about the forecast earlier in this article or here.
  • 12.3 Treasurer’s Report
    • Treasurer Alana Cropper’s report, which you can find here, provided information on the following items:
      • Donations
      • Statement of Board Accounts
      • General Fund Receipts
      • General Fund Expenditures by Function
      • General Fund Expenditures by Object
      • Monthly Bank Statement
      • Amendments to Permanent Appropriations
      • Approval of Certification of Funds

Approved Minutes

The Board of Education approved minutes for the policy committee meeting on April 17, 2023 and the regular meeting on April 19, 2023. You can view those official minutes here and here, respectively. Click “View Minutes” under Agenda Item Details, next to the category titled “Minutes.”