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Check Out These Fun Summer Learning Opportunities

May 10, 2023

Summer break is quickly approaching and this time of year often has families looking for family activities and materials for students to engage with in their time away from school. FHSD’s talented team of Learning Design Specialists have compiled a wide variety of resources on a brand-new Summer Learning Hub.

A graphic that reads Summer Learning Hub can click the link above or visit to access the learning hub. It includes third-party websites and educational materials for all major curriculum areas (math, reading, writing, science/STEAM/coding, social studies, visual and performing arts, physical education). These materials are relevant for students of all ages and abilities.

The website also includes information about possible trips, summer camps and tips for self-care that families may find valuable.

These lessons and activities are entirely optional for students and their families. FHSD hopes that by providing easy access to different resources, it will make it easier for the community to engage in enriching and educational activities during summer break.

The Summer Learning Hub is not meant to provide a comprehensive list of all opportunities in the community. It is simply a collection of resources that may be helpful for some families who are looking for ways to stay busy during summer break and continue learning about new things. The instructional materials, resources and links have been compiled by FHSD Learning Design Specialists. The district does not have control over the content on external websites and does not explicitly endorse or promote any companies, products or information related to those sites.