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FHSD Joins Ohio Checkbook

The Forest Hills School District is proud to announce it has partnered with Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague to join

“The Forest Hills School District is excited to be able to provide residents with another avenue to better understand how tax dollars are being spent to serve our students and community,” said Alana Cropper, CPA, Treasurer for Forest Hills School District. “This partnership with Treasurer Sprague is an important one to engage taxpayers and we are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Ohio Checkbook.”

The Forest Hills School District's online checkbook includes more than 96,000 individual transactions representing over $280 million in spending from July 2019 through March 2022.

“By making financial data readily available through the Ohio Checkbook, the Forest Hills School District is empowering residents to get a firsthand look at how their tax dollars are spent,” said Sprague. “We’re proud to partner with the district as they take this significant step toward enhanced transparency.” was launched in June 2020. The transparency website combined (previously administered by the Treasurer’s office) and Ohio’s Interactive Budget (previously operated by the Office of Budget and Management) to create a single, one-stop resource for taxpayers to learn more about spending at the state and local government levels.

By streamlining website administration, eliminating duplication, and reducing overall operating costs, will keep government transparency at taxpayers’ fingertips for years to come.

You can learn more about the Forest Hills School District by visiting our page on the Ohio Checkbook. To access another local government website, visit the Local Government & Schools page on