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FHSD offers all-day kindergarten in 2017-18

October 24, 2016

Forest Hills School District will offer tuition-based, all-day kindergarten during the 2017-18 school year.

During their meeting tonight (Oct. 24), the Board of Education unanimously approved a tuition of $3,000 for the program. Financial assistance will be available to those who qualify.

The 2014 bond issue allowed for additional classroom space to accommodate all-day kindergarten in Forest Hills. However, money from bond issues can only be used for facilities, not operational expenses. Therefore, tuition will offset the additional operating costs and defer operating costs from taxpayers.

“Forest Hills has approached all-day kindergarten in a very thoughtful manner,” said Mike Broadwater, assistant superintendent, who is overseeing implementation of the all-day program. “We researched funding options, conducted a community survey and researched how other districts manage and fund their all-day kindergarten programs.”

Forest Hills will continue to offer a half-day kindergarten program as well.

“The decision on whether or not to enroll a student in all-day or half-day kindergarten is a parental decision. Some parents prefer the half-day option,” said Broadwater. “We are pleased to be able to meet the needs of our students and families through expanded and strengthened academic offerings.”

Currently, the state provides partial funding for a half-day kindergarten program as Ohio law requires school districts to provide tuition-free, half-day kindergarten for all who request it.

Moving forward, Forest Hills will finalize all-day kindergarten enrollment procedures and implementation plans by the end of December. Plans include providing transportation for both kindergarten programs at every Forest Hills elementary school: Ayer, Maddux, Mercer, Sherwood, Summit, Wilson.

Registration and academic programming information will be available to the public in January.

A Kindergarten Information Night will be held on Jan. 5, 2017 (6 p.m.-7:30 p.m. at Nagel Middle School, 1500 Nagel Road) to provide kindergarten parents with information about all-day and half-day kindergarten programs.

For more information, visit or call Broadwater at 231-3600.