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Forest Hills students excel during chess tournament

The fourth annual Forest Hills Chess Tournament exceeded expectations when 110 participants, representing all nine Forest Hills School District schools, engaged in a friendly chess competition at Nagel Middle School (1500 Nagel Road).  Students in grades three through 12 participated at either the novice or intermediate level for the Swiss-style chess tournament allowing all players to play in every round.  

“Chess is ultimately not about winning or losing, although everyone likes to win,” said John Farmer, Ayer Elementary School fifth-grade teacher who directed the tournament.  “It’s about using logic, strategy and reasoning as a mindset. It’s about learning from mistakes and appreciating when someone is better at something than you.  It’s about persevering when you’re not certain of the outcome.”

In the novice division, Miguel Cruz, Sherwood sixth-grader, took first-place; Jake Lantz, Mercer sixth-grader, earned second-place; and Paul Cade, Sherwood fifth-grader, won third-place.  Students receiving Honorable Mention awards were Jake Everett, second-grader; Henry McCusker, fourth-grader; and William Woolums, second-grader, all Mercer students; Ace Drewyor, Maddux fourth-grade student; Caleb Anderson, Wilson third-grader; and Solomon Mrochek, Summit fourth-grade student.

In the intermediate division, Jacob Goehring, Nagel seventh-grader, won first-place; Jacob Hunter, Wilson sixth-grader, earned second-place; and Ethan Lupariello, Nagel eighth-grader came in third.  Students receiving Honorable Mention designations were Flora Carter and Jonny Hurlburt, both Nagel seventh-graders; and David Janson, Turpin junior.