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Nagel students complete "Riding for Focus" program

Nagel students who participated in the school’s first “Riding for Focus” program received special certificates Friday that recognize them as safe and effective cyclists.  

The new, eight-week Riding for Focus program integrates bike riding into physical education curriculum to help students achieve academic, health, and social success. Nagel students use the bikes during Academic Flex Time to learn how to ride, perform simple bike maintenance, and enjoy fresh air on Nagel’s campus.

Student Graham Owens got on a bike for the first time during the program.  

“It’s fun! I did not ride a bike before the class and I learned. It’s really fun. Mr. Weaver taught us how to be safe,” he said. “Two other kids didn’t know how to ride bikes before and now they do.”

The Riding for Focus program is made possible through a grant from the Specialized Foundation. Through the grant, Nagel students and the program coordinator received 21 mountain bikes and maintenance kits. The Specialized Foundation was established in 2015 with the intention of introducing students to cycling’s positive effects.