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Nagel students "step it up" in project to inspire others

Before leaving Nagel Middle School to head to high school, a group of eighth grade students in teacher Rose Arnell’s class wanted to contribute something “big” to the school they loved. 

“The planning conversation began with a discussion on current events with topics ranging from human rights to societal conflicts,” said Gift.Ed teacher, Rose Arnell. “Students recognized that while they couldn’t immediately tackle grand issues likes these, they could start small and make a huge impact locally, in their own school. Civic engagement became the focus of our work as it echoed our theme of ‘intelligence is an action’,” she said.

Students narrowed down project ideas to accomplish within the 9-week quarter. A group students chose to improve the overall appearance and feel of the girls’ restrooms by painting a wall and designing stickers with positive quotes for the stall doors.

  Another group of students created a music station for student produced music while others decided the main staircase was prime real estate for inspired messages and an image of the Cincinnati skyline.

The group’s civic engagement focused on reinforcing the best qualities of Nagel which include kindness, collaboration, and learning. Their work included STEAM principles as they collaborated with adults and other students to receive guidance and feedback on their work.

“These students are on their way to changing the world,” said Arnell.