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Tucked away on a quiet street in Anderson Township sits our beloved Sherwood Elementary.  For 50 years, the school has been the home of the “Archers” and a long, rich history of academic excellence for which the Forest Hills School District is known.  This past month, students, teachers, and FHSD families celebrated Sherwood’s 50th anniversary, a monumental milestone and source of pride for all Archers, past and present.  


Sherwood is currently home to 630 students who attend preschool through 6th grade.  The Sherwood Elementary School Dedication Day was January 23, 1971!  Because the 23rd fell on a weekend this year, a huge celebration took place at the school throughout the day on Friday, January 22nd.  Little Archers proudly wore their green and yellow colors and other Sherwood attire.


The day was full of fun activities for students, including a cake and ice cream celebration during lunch periods for the children!  The school worked in conjunction with the Sherwood PTO to recognize this special day.  Principal Dan Hamilton and Assistant Principal Matt Patterson encouraged students to enjoy their day with music, photographs, games, and much more!


“The 50th anniversary is such a milestone in the story of the Sherwood community.  Celebrating with our current students and families allows for us to revisit what has made Sherwood such a special place!  The people, events and most importantly the students through the years have made it easy for us to have great pride in this school community,” said Hamilton.


FHSD Superintendent Scot Prebles celebrated with students during their lunch period as the group reflected upon all of the amazing attributes which make Sherwood such a special place for students to learn and grow.  Many of the students shared with the Superintendent why they are proud Archers and just what the 50th Anniversary means to them, personally.  Because of the significance of this milestone, more events are planned for the entire FHSD family!


“Only having the ability to celebrate virtually hasn't slowed our ability to share our excitement with the community.  Working with the Sherwood PTO and staff to identify fun ways to share this experience with outside community members has been awesome.  The celebration doesn't end with the 22nd, but will continue throughout the rest of the school year!


Sherwood’s PTO encourages the community to help share the reasons we all love our elementary school. You can share your pride in our school and appreciation for Sherwood by commenting on this form:  50 Reasons We are Grateful for Sherwood’s 50th Anniversary.

We are very excited to continue celebrating Sherwood’s 50th Anniversary!  Please watch for notices of additional events highlighting Sherwood’s “golden” year!