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Community Connection 

A publication from FHSD for the residents of Anderson Township and the Village of Newtown.

Summer 2022 (In this issue: This is a digital extension to the postcard mailed home by FHSD, including a message from the new superintendent, updates on the 2022-2023 academic calendar, a new sports medicine partnership and more!)

Spring 2022 (In this issue: FHSD is recognizing our Hall of Fame schools, celebrating other statewide accolades, providing an overview of our commitment to fiscal responsibility, discussing important emergency safety training procedures and more!)

Quality Profile: 2021-22 School Year (In this issue: educational value review and district accolades, maximizing every dollar, exceptional extracurricular activities)

Financial Report: 2021 (In this issue:  How we maximize every dollar, the value of the Forest Hills Experience, the impact of COVID-19 on FHSD funds, how Ohio state funding impacts the FHSD budget, and much more!)   

Special Edition: 2021 (In this issue: An inside look at the efforts made by FHSD students, staff, parents, administrators and the community to continue our commitment to high-quality education for all students during the COVID-19 pandemic. A look at face-to-face learning and our Virtual Academy. Plus, a report from the Treasurer's Office on district finances.)  

Spring 2020 (In this issue: A summary of reflections on the district's remote learning plan and how the community united as one to support students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, an update on the five-year-forecast from the treasurer's office and mental health and wellness tips to keep in mind this summer.)

Winter 2020 (In this issue: Forest Hills School District and FHFE launch an e-sports team, Nagel celebrates its first Hope Squad, and the treasurer's office provides an update on the district's five-year-forecast and what it means for the future.)

Special Edition: 2019 Quality Profile (In this issue: educational value review, district facilities update, review of district finances)

Fall 2020 (In this issue: Fast Facts regarding the district's 4.7-mill operating levy request, a review of reductions already in place, information about what would happen if the levy passes or fails)

Spring 2019 (In this issue: FHSD's Experienceship program, AHS construction update, schedule changes at Nagel, building showcase)

Fall 2018 (In this issue: educational value review, FHSD partnership with township parks, construction update)

Summer 2018 (In this issue: suicide prevention, partnerships, Project Lead the Way, student and alumni awards, new start times, back-to-school, construction update)

Spring 2018 (In this issue: gamification, career readiness, kindergarten registration, Fusion, innovation grants, construction update)

Winter 2017 (In this issue: educational value review, top students, student positive behavior, kindergarten registration, construction update)

Spring 2017 (In this issue: graduation, construction update, summer school, social needs, strategic plan, kindergarten, 5K, tip line)

Fall 2016 (In this issue: Quality Profile, bond debt, construction update, security grants, innovative learning)

MISC Publications

By the Numbers -- Spring 2017

Emergency Guide -- Winter 2017   (OHSPRA Mark of Distinction Award-Winner)

Financial Postcard  -- Fall 2016  (OHSPRA Mark of Distinction Award-Winner)

Kindergarten is "A" success -- Winter 2018


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