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District implements new attendance policies based on HB 410

Students are more likely to succeed in school, academics, extracurriculars and building skill sets when they consistently attend school. Excessive absences interfere with students’ progress in mastering knowledge and skills necessary to be prepared for higher education and the workforce upon high school graduation. Because of this, in December 2016, the Ohio legislature passed House Bill 410 to proactively address excessive absences and truancy.

Below is a summary of House Bill 410 and new procedures that Forest Hills will implement during the 2017-18 school year.

Questions or concerns can be please directed to building principals or John Eckert, special programs coordinator, climate and culture, at 231-3600, ext. 2947 or


Based on House Bill 410, FHSD parents will be notified in writing when their students has:

  • accumulated 38 hours of either excused or unexcused absences
  • accumulated 54 hours of unexcused absence
  • accumulated 65 hours of either excused or unexcused absences.
  • met the legal threshold for being defined “habitually” truant”.
    • A student will be considered habitually truant if he/she is absent without a legitimate excuse:
      • 30 or more consecutive hours of absence;
      • 42 or more hours of absence in one month
      • 72 or more hours of absence in one year.

If a student is deemed habitually truant, the student and parent/guardian will be referred to an Absence Intervention Team to develop a corrective plan for attendance issues.

If the student does not make progress or continues to be excessively absent after the implementation of a corrective plan, the law requires FHSD to file a complaint with the juvenile court.

Forest Hills will record student attendance based on cumulative record of all minutes a student is and is not in school, beginning with the start of the school day and ending with dismissal.  This record will include if a student leaves and returns during the school day.  We understand it is sometimes necessary for a student to be absent from school for medical appointments, but parents are encouraged not to allow these mid-day appointments to become a regular habit to enhance a student’s probability of success.

To report a student absence, parents/guardians should contact school attendance offices:

  • Ayer Elementary                      588-6211
  • Maddux Elementary                852-9019
  • Mercer Elementary                  588-8805
  • Sherwood Elementary              852-9084
  • Summit Elementary                 852-9566
  • Wilson Elementary                  852-9565
  • Nagel Middle School               474-5407
  • Anderson High School             232-2772
  • Turpin High School                  232-7770

Find more information about FHSD attendance procedures in Board Policy and in Parent-Student Handbooks located in the “Resource Center” at the top of this page.