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School Safety Upgrades Made Possible by $500,000 in State Grants

November 29, 2022

Forest Hills School District is set to receive more than $500,000 in grant funding to help pay for security upgrades at eight of the district’s schools. These competitive grants were awarded Monday by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine as part of his K-12 School Safety Grant Program.

“This funding will make it possible to implement important safety improvements that we otherwise would not have been able to afford in the near future,” said John Eckert, FHSD Director of Business Operations. “We are grateful for this support from the State of Ohio in our continued efforts to create a safe, secure and welcoming school environment for all members of our community.”

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office provided invaluable guidance in the application process for these grants by reviewing building security and vulnerability. FHSD is grateful for the long-standing partnership and collaborative relationship it maintains with the Sheriff’s Office.

The district applied for grants at all nine schools to help cover costs associated with camera upgrades, building entry security and other safety enhancements. The list below shows the schools that will receive grant funding and the amount awarded.

  • Forest Hills School District total: $504,310
  • Ayer Elementary $72,987
  • Maddux Elementary $40,419
  • Mercer Elementary $45,854
  • Nagel Middle School $100,000
  • Sherwood Elementary $68,317
  • Summit Elementary $40,547
  • Turpin High School $100,000
  • Wilson Elementary $36,186

"We are being proactive in keeping our schools safe in Ohio. Student and staff safety is paramount,” said Governor DeWine. “These safety grants are helping schools create environments that are secure and welcoming for teachers and their students."

A total of 708 schools in 57 counties will receive $57.8 million in grant funding to enhance student and staff safety. For more information about the Ohio K-12 School Safety Grant Program, please click here.

Forest Hills School District and Board of Education is still considering a combined operating and permanent improvement ballot issue to fund the day to day operations of the district and address maintenance needs not included in the Ohio K-12 School Safety Grant Program award.