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Camp Kern Counselors:

Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to apply for a position as a counselor for the Camp Kern outdoor learning program provided to 5th grade students in the Forest Hills School District. Applications are reviewed and then counselors chosen by the Camp Kern directors.  Applications are available in January.  Students will need three teacher recommendations as part of the application process. Advisor: Jodie McKinley.


Classes:  Students in their respective graduating class work together to organize fundraisers to support their prom.  See individual advisors for more information.

Class of 2020:  Beth Brill/Ashley Minnick

Class of 2021:  Michelle Burkey/Joe Super

Class of 2022:  Jennifer Stuckenschneider/Steve Bertsch

Class of 2023:  Erin Tetlak/Carly Wendt

(FEA) Future Educators of America:  FEA has become Educators Rising. Educators Rising is a co-curricular program with Teaching Professions Academy that allows students opportunities to go beyond the classroom to experience various aspects of education. They compete at state and national levels in areas like lesson planning, public speaking, researching learning disabilities, children’s literature, and many more. The Ed Rising Conferences, apart from just competitions, provide students with opportunities to network with people all over the state and country and attend breakout sessions on many different topics in education. Students can also run for state and national officer positions and apply for scholarship opportunities. Advisor:  Rebecca Rowe

(FBLA) Future Business Leaders of America:  The mission of FBLA is to prepare students for careers in business and business-related fields. FBLA provides students with opportunities in career preparation, to receive a scholarship, compete in competitive events, and networking events. Advisor:  Kevin Hoover

Gr8tness Club:  Spread Gr8tness and brighten people's days with random acts of kindness. Advisor: Annie Jagoditz

Key Club:  This club is a service organization sponsored by Anderson Hills Kiwanis.  Members may choose to become involved with a number of projects such as: helping the elderly, collecting canned goods, volunteering at Beech Acres and St. Rita School for the Deaf Haunted House.  Other activities involve Amnesty International and the Red Cross. The opportunities are many and varied. Advisor: Amy Wiginton/Sarah Wood

Link Crew:  Freshmen Transition Program. Advisors:  Larry Chialasrti/Ashley Minnick

Magnified Giving:  Is a Midwest based, not-for-profit (501 c 3), and educational organization, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our mission is to educate, inspire and engage students in philanthropy, and to touch the hearts and minds of teens, lighten the concerns of others, and magnify the impact of philanthropy. Advisor: Ashley Minnick

(NHS) National Honor Society:  Juniors and seniors with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher are eligible to be considered for membership.  Students are selected based on scholarship, leadership, character and service.  Refer to the Turpin High School Parent/Student Handbook for a complete listing of the criteria and procedure used for NHS Membership selection. Advisor:  Erin Tetlak

Peer Counseling “Elementary”:   Peer Counseling is an opportunity where high school students can make an impact with younger students.  High school students are able to go into an elementary school for one time a week for 5 weeks and teach topics to small groups of 5th grade students on healthy habits by using LifeSkills Training Curriculum.  This program is supervised by elementary counselors. Advisor:  Amy Wiginton

Peer Tutoring: Following a recommendation from a teacher, students can tutor fellow students who need extra help with their coursework.  Students may choose to identify the grade and/or subject preference.  Advisor:  Amy Wiginton

Student Council: Students in grades 9 through 12 organize and participate in fundraisers, school dances, and community service projects.  Specific events include the Winter Formal, a project with Washington Park Elementary School, Pen Pal programs, exchange days with other high schools and Hamilton County Youth Conference and State Conference for Student Council.  Officials are elected but all students are encouraged to join and become involved in activities.  Meetings are every other Wednesday. Advisor:  Erin Tetlak


Art Club:  This club is for students who want to enrich their experiences in the Arts.  By getting together with others who are passionate about the Arts students will grow in ideas and motivation.  Art Club will be involved in activities that will help to beautify the school, increase knowledge of the Arts and explore the local/greater Cincinnati Arts community. Advisor:  Melissa Sand

Drama Club/Musical: Members are involved in a creative production artistically, technically, or in the direction of the performance.  Events include plays, musicals, Thespian Society and fundraisers.  Meetings and auditions vary so listen for announcements and see the bulletin board outside Principal Peggy Johnson’s office. Advisor:  Lauren Kean

Jazz Band:  This is for students who are interested in performing the genre of jazz music.  We perform many different styles of jazz, as well as learn about the rich history and famous performers in the different jazz eras.  The Turpin Jazz Ensemble is treated as an advanced audition group.  We start in the fall and continue throughout the rest of the school year, while performing in several concerts, events, and jazz festivals in the Cincinnati area. Advisor:  Steven Funke


Academic Quiz Team:  This is a lettered sport activity that participates in regular competition within its own league as well as other contests.  The team is eligible to participate in the OAC tournaments in the spring by winning in a tournament of eight or more teams.  Turpin hosts an invitational in January.     Advisor:  Carmen Venditto

German Club:  Students learn about the German culture and language. Advisor: Nick Stoller

Chemistry Club:  Give students a new fun perspective on chemistry. Advisor: Gayle Garza

(JETS) Junior Engineering Technical Society:  Student members are trained to compete in the JETS Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science (TEAMS) Competition. The statewide test is held in February. Advisor:  Carmen Venditto

Latin Club:  Students learn about the Latin culture and language. Advisor:  Geoffrey Steadman

Mandarin Club:  Enrichment of Chinese culture within Turpin. Advisor: Ling Zhang

Mock Trial: With the help of a local lawyer, students interested in the law prepare a legal case and compete with students from other area high schools. Advisor:  TBD

Spanish Club:  Gives students a chance to get together to practice the speaking Spanish through other fun activities. Advisor: Sherry Amorocho

Turpin FTC Robotics Team: The team designs, builds, and programs a robot based on the FIRST Tech Challenge competition.  Students also get into computer aided design, the engineering design process, and game theory. Advisor: James Glaser


American Sign Language Club:  To show people basic signs for them to be able to have a conversation with others. Advisor:  Mindy Trujillo

Animal Friends Club:  This club would provide opportunity for service hours at Clermont Animal Care Human Society. Also provide the opportunity for increased community awareness of our local no kill shelter. Advisor:  Larry Chialastri

Baking Club:  Meet to enjoy friends and common bond of baking. Advisor: Michelle Plunkett

Chess Club:  To inform and teach students how to play chess. Advisor:  Goeffrey Steadman

Chillin Chums Club:  This club includes different activities ranging from board games to parties that celebrate the seasons. It meets approximately two times a month and begins the first week of October.  Advisor:  Brittany Groene

Clash Royale Club:  The purpose of this club is to help improve players on facing and countering cards opponents have in their Battle Deck (composed of eight cards), strategizing, attacking your opponent's towers in a great way and defending towers. We will also once in a while do Tournaments and go over what players faced and how to do a better job placing the troop or using a different card. Advisor:  Ben Schultz

Dungeon & Dragons Club:  The purpose of this club is to allow time for games that most people don’t play and to bring more games to Turpin. Advisor:  Erin Tetlak

Environmental Club:  This club is an organization whose focus is on environmental issues.  Our goal is to educate the Turpin community about global environmental concerns as well as participate in community service activities that create a cleaner and healthier environment. Advisor:  Erin Berling

Fellowship of Christian Athletes:  Develop a community of Christians in Turpin.  Advisor:  Jake Goetz

(GSA) Gay-Straight Alliance:  Group aiming to help the school community handle diversity in a respectful manner.  Building an understanding of the issues that face those of different backgrounds and orientations. Advisor:  Matt Chaney

Guitar Club:  As a guitar player it is important to play with people better and worse than you to help yourself and others. So I plan to help make guitar players better and have a fun time with friends. Advisor:  Matt Chaney

Hammocking Club:  Teach students to set up hammocks, socialize with friends, meet new people, decompress after school, possibly help students adopt a new hobby. Advisor:  Pete Hopewell

Hiking Club:  Enjoying nature and outdoor activities, while learning about the environment of our area and region. Advisor:  Matt Chaney

Improv Club: The purpose of the club is for students to deal with random fun circumstances and basically have a good time! Members of the club will act out random scenarios with different characters. Advisor:  Annie Jagoditz

Innovation Club:  Allow students to explore and understand how creative problem solving, strategic thinking, and collaboration will help them excel in their careers and personal lives. Advisor:  Annie Jagoditz

INTERalliance:  is a non-profit group assembled by local companies whose goal is to keep IT talent in the Cincinnati area by exposing them to the wide variety of IT jobs that are in our area. They run Tech Olympics, IT Careers Camps among other events and they can hook students up with summer internships. Advisor:  Susan Keeler-Wyborski

Photography Club:  Students come together to work on independent projects in both the darkroom and digital lab. They teach one another new techniques and receive workshops from Mr. Vesper. Advisor:  Rod Vesper

Rec Sports Club:  For students to have a fun activity after school where they can go to hang out, play with their friends, and get some exercise. This also will provide the opportunity for students to play some sports without being committed to a specific varsity team. Advisor:  Adam Boyer

Recycling Club:  To promote recycling within the building. Advisor:  Matt Chaney

Ski Club:  The ski club goes to Perfect North ski resort and the Turpin students enjoy their time skiing or snowboarding with friends. We take everyone from beginner to expert. All are welcome and go at their own pace and ski level. Lessons are taught if needed by the resort. Register with the ski club and get a 30% discount on tickets. Buses are used to take and pick up for the convenience of parents and for safety for those who have their driver’s license. Fun had by all who participate. Advisor:  Bryan Bosse

Smash Brothers Club:  Smash club is meant to be a start to a new community at Turpin in which fans of the popular Nintendo game "Super Smash Brothers" can come together and play for fun and competition. Advisor:  Ben Schulcz

Sunny Side Up:  Help students realize school resources, provide a safe space for students to talk, and create new friendships and support groups for students. Advisor:  Amanda Hagar/Carrie Urshel

Trading Card Game Club: To have fun, meet new people and play games. Advisor: Brett Granger

Turpin Book Club:  To help students remember to read books for personal enjoyment and to promote critical thinking about books. Advisor:  Kristine Hemmelgarn

Turpin Kind Club:  Students participate in KIND by performing Random Acts of Kindness throughout the school and community, creating a more positive culture at Turpin High School. Advisor:  Kristine Hemmelgarn

Turpin Sports Medicine Club: Any student interested in learning about the human body and careers in sports medicine. Advisor:  Kyle Hickey, Wellington Partnership

Ukulele Club:  Practice ukulele and meet fellow uke players. Advisor:  Beth Brill

Yearbook:  Students who enroll in Journalism in addition to learning journalistic writing styles, desktop publishing, design and advertising, also work on publications: The Odyssey (yearbook).  Advisor: Annie Jagoditz

Yo-Yo Club: Fun environment to practice yo-yoing and occasionally explore new hobbies. Advisor:  Kevin Hoover

Yoga Club:  Do yoga and meditate. Advisor:  Carly Wendt