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Why Forest Hills?

FHSD statisticsFounded in 1890, Forest Hills is a school district where all members of the community come together to support quality education for more than 7,000 students. Serving Anderson Township and the Village of Newtown, suburbs of Cincinnati, Forest Hills is proud of its tradition of academic excellence and affordable operating costs.

With one new and eight renovated neighborhood schools, all within walking distance of homes, the district is distinctive. With more than 160 high school course offerings, various global language classes and 23 Advanced Placement courses, Forest Hills students are among the most prepared in all of Cincinnati for rigorous college and career opportunities. The district offers more than 100 extracurricular activities, including comprehensive athletic and performing arts programs, which enhance and personalize each students’ experience. Through an innovative curriculum, high expectations and total devotion to young people, FHSD provides personalized, student-centered learning that empowers students to fully explore their subjects and interests.

To foster a love of learning, pursue excellence, and meet the individual needs of each learner, Forest Hills teachers are highly trained, passionate, and dedicated. The majority of the district’s teachers hold a master’s degree and more than 50 percent of our staff have called Forest Hills home for more than a decade.

So, why Forest Hills?

Because there simply isn’t a more centrally-located, Cincinnati-based community that offers similar, more affordable housing, shopping, entertainment, community amenities, medical care, recreation, or quality education than Forest Hill School District.

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