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Student Life

A well-rounded education includes a wide variety of opportunities and the student experience in Forest Hills School District offers more than 165 academic courses for students to explore, grow and succeed. In addition to quality learning in the classroom, students can participate in more than 100 extracurricular opportunities to develop creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. FHSD’s curricular offerings, combined with an innovative academic program, allow all students to be engaged, to be empowered and to excel.


With a tradition of excellence and a supportive community, Forest Hills provides an innovative curriculum, high expectations and total devotion to young people. As a comprehensive preschool through 12th-grade public school district, FHSD offers more than 165 courses, four global languages and 23 Advanced Placement courses. By blending face-to-face instruction with technology, FHSD provides personalized, student-centered learning that empowers students to fully explore subjects and interests.


Forest Hills provides an array of opportunities for all students to strengthen their creativity and presentation skills through fine and performing arts such as musical theatre, ceramics, painting, choir, band, photography and film. Students are also encouraged to showcase their artistic talents in numerous venues. At Nagel Middle School, students are offered more than 24 visual and performing arts classes and extracurricular options. At Turpin High School and Anderson High School, students may choose from more than 15 visual and performing extracurricular art offerings and more than 30 classes, of which more than 1,400 students registered for last year. The National Association of Music Merchants also named FHSD one of the Best Communities for Music Education in the nation for displaying an exceptionally high commitment to providing students with a comprehensive music education. This is a distinction that only 388 districts across the nation and 25 of Ohio’s 615 districts have earned.


Athletic programs in Forest Hills provide student leadership development, vibrancy of school spirit, energetic pride, stress relief, lifetime fitness, college scholarship and recruitment opportunities and fond memories of schools. With parental support, athletic opportunities are available at all grade levels including 36 athletic teams for 10 different sports at Nagel Middle School and 56 athletic teams for 28 different sports at Anderson High School and Turpin High School. Several athletic teams and coaches also earn Eastern Cincinnati Conference honors every year.


Forest Hills is dedicated to cultivating student character and integrity through purposeful service opportunities that complement the academic experience. By participating in these programs and activities, students develop their leadership potential and realize the positive impact they can make in their lives and the lives of others. Student-run service projects occur at every grade level and have benefitted others locally and world-wide including military veterans, families in need, victims of disaster, American Red Cross, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, American Heart Association, The Cure Starts Now Foundation and Casa de Paz.