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Student Life

Providing a well-rounded education to the students of Forest Hills School District calls for a variety of opportunities that support and encourage exploration, growth and success. Beyond high-quality educational instruction in the classroom and FHSD’s innovative academic programstudents can participate in more than 100 extracurricular activities to enrich their experience by developing creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Offering a comprehensive experience that tailors to students’ unique interests and skills allows all learners to be engaged, to be empowered and to excel. 

High school engineering students presenting their robot


Forest Hills School District holds the immense responsibility of educating and inspiring students of the community. Through an innovative curriculum and complete devotion to fostering student success, FHSD has cultivated and maintained a tradition of excellence. The district provides comprehensive PreK-12 education with more than 140 academic courses, 28 Advanced Placement courses and a variety of global languages. By blending face-to-face instruction with technology, FHSD provides personalized, student-centered learning that empowers students to fully explore their subjects and interests. 

High school marching band students pose with their competition trophies


Opportunities to strengthen creative growth are a fundamental part of providing a distinguished education. Forest Hills School District boasts exceptional fine arts and performing arts programs. These include access to participation in musical theater, ceramics, painting, choir, band, photography and film. Enrichment activities like these, which are offered in classroom settings and as extracurriculars, expand on academics and encourage well-rounded instruction. FHSD consistently receives recognition as one of the Best Communities for Music Education from the NAMM Foundation.  

Nagel nighthawk mascot welcoming students into school


The athletic programs at FHSD boost school spirit and offer exciting sporting events. They also provide students meaningful experiences and skills that play a crucial role in their learning. With parental support, students can participate in athletic activities and open doors to leadership development, positive fitness habits, responsibility, teamwork skills and college scholarship opportunities. Athletics are available at all grade levels, including 36 athletic teams at Nagel Middle School and 30 programs at Anderson and Turpin High Schools. FHSD teams and coaches frequently earn Eastern Cincinnati Conference honors.

Volunteers pose for a photo at adopt-a-roadway event at Mercer


Forest Hills School District is committed to helping develop student character and integrity through purposeful service opportunities that complement academic experience. Taking advantage of these opportunities allow students to foster leadership potential and recognize the positive impact they can make in their lives and those in the community. Student-run projects occur at every grade level and have benefitted others locally and worldwide.

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