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Foster Care Resources

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Supports for Students Living in Foster Care

FHSD works in coordination with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to meet the academic, social, behavioral and emotional needs of students living in foster care. The district understands how vital educational stability is for children in foster care and recognizes that this particular group of students may benefit from additional support. The goal of FHSD is to help facilitate a successful transition through elementary and secondary education and into college and/or careers.

Children living in foster care can face many educational barriers, including high mobility, increased incidences of trauma and challenges with their mental, behavioral and physical health. FHSD works with state and local partners to help students overcome these barriers so they are equipped to excel academically, behaviorally and emotionally.

To support students in foster care, the Every Student Succeeds Act provides that all traditional public school districts and community schools:

  • Designate a foster care education liaison;
  • Allow students in foster care to remain in their school when it is in their best interest;
  • Immediately enroll and transfer records when the determination is that it is in the student’s best interest to enroll in a new district; and 
  • ​Coordinate school transportation for students in foster care when necessary.

Contact Information and Additional Resources

Anyone who wants to learn more or believes they can benefit from these supports can contact their student’s school counselor, or get in touch with FHSD’s foster care liaison, Director of Special Education Betsy Ryan, by calling (513) 231-3600 or emailing

To learn more about the resources available through Forest Hills School District, you can find specific details in Board Policy 5111.03. To read more from the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce regarding state and federal guidelines, as well as resources supporting students in foster care click here.

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