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The following district-wide departments work to support staff members across FHSD in their efforts to provide a stellar education experience with engaging and empowering learning opportunities to help each student excel.

Business Operations
Learn more about the buildings and grounds of FHSD and related maintenance work, bids/RFPs and permanent improvement projects.

Telephone: (513) 231-3600, ext. 2968
Fax: (513) 231-3830

Teaching and Learning
Learn more about FHSD’s curriculum, instructional practices, intervention strategies, gifted education and assessments.

Telephone: (513) 231-3600, ext. 2955
Fax: (513) 231-3830

Interested in what's going on in Forest Hills School District? Find district videos, social media channels and publications here!

Telephone: (513) 231-3600, ext. 2966
Fax: (513) 231-3820

Food Service
Access daily menus, nutrition information, the online lunch pre-payment system and information on Free and Reduced Price meals.

Telephone: (513) 231-3215, ext. 2974
Fax: (513) 231-4751

Human Resources
Learn about the rewarding career opportunities available in FHSD or get information about district employee recognition programs.

Telephone: (513) 231-3600, ext. 2959
Fax: (513) 231-0749

Learn the process to help a child begin an engaging educational adventure by enrolling in FHSD!

Telephone: (513) 231-3600, ext. 2960
Fax: (513) 231-0749

Student Services
Find out more about the high-quality services offered to FHSD students of all ages and skill sets.

Telephone: (513) 231-3600, ext. 2949
Fax: (513) 231-3830

Find internet safety resources, the district's computer and technology Appropriate Use Policy and more.

Telephone: (513) 231-3600, ext. 2942
Fax: (513) 231-3830

Learn what it takes to safely transport thousands of students each day.

Telephone: (513) 231-3335, ext. 2988
Fax: (513) 231-3765

Understand district finances, review the current five year forecast, compare FHSD to other districts and learn more about the FHSD bond rating!

Telephone: (513) 231-3600, ext. 2998
Fax: (513) 231-3830

Learn more about Superintendent Larry R. Hook and find ways to connect.

Telephone: (513) 231-3600, ext. 2945
Fax: (513) 231-3830

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