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Forest Hills School District believes that all students can excel if they are engaged and empowered. Through collaboration, a focus on the needs of the whole child, rigorous coursework, enrichment opportunities, results analyzation, and support services teachers maximize the learning potential for individual students.


In Forest Hills, there is an emphasis on effective teaching and learning strategies delivered to all students through collaborative teaching teams. These strategies are scientifically research based, and enhance the ability of the classroom teacher to meet each student’s needs. One such strategy is Multi-Tiered System of Supports, frequently referred to as Response to Intervention, a prevention and data-based method for identifying and addressing students' academic and/or behavioral difficulties. The intent is to proactively provide intensive behavioral and academic support. FHSD accomplishes this by measuring the effectiveness of various instructional methods based on the needs of individual students, providing personalized student assistance that is monitored by growth and achievement data, and partnering with parents to form a solution. Progress is then monitored frequently and supports are adjusted as needed.

The RtI Process has three tiers; each tier provides different levels of support.

Tier 1:  All students engage in high quality curriculum and differentiated instruction. The teacher provides instruction for all learners.

Tier 2:  In addition to core instruction, the school provides targeted interventions for some students. This includes both enrichment and remediation.

Tier 3:  Students receive additional, intensive intervention based on individualized problem-solving, with frequent progress monitoring.


Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, a portion of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), is a framework that takes a proactive approach to coordinate behavioral and social supports. The goal is to empower students to display appropriate behaviors so they can be contributing, successful members of their communities. PBIS helps students learn the social and emotional skills that are necessary for academic achievement. Learn more about PBIS.


Forest Hills provides school counseling services to empower students to make decisions which promote academic achievement, social well-being, career readiness and life-long learning. Counseling in FHSD is a data driven, standards-based guidance service which meets the needs of each student individually from kindergarten through grade 12 by creating collaborative relationships between schools, families and community resources.

Counseling Supports

  • Preventive programs
  • Classroom guidance
  • Small groups
  • Community outreach
  • Individual support
  • Parent consultation
  • Teacher Collaboration

FHSD School Counselor Philosophy and Beliefs

  • All students have dignity and worth
  • All students have the potential to learn
  • All students need to feel safe, respected and successful in school
  • All students have the right to a comprehensive school counseling program
  • We are advocates for children and agents of change
  • We support students’ social-emotional, academic, and career needs so that they can achieve to their fullest potential
  • We utilize community services and family supports and share in the responsibility for the success of all students

Kim Tinsley
Assistant Superintendent
7946 Beechmont Ave.   
Cincinnati, Ohio 45255
513-231-3600, ext. 2953  

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