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Innovative Learning

Forest Hills School District believes all students deserve an education that prepares them for college, careers and global citizenship. Rapid change and development in the world means teachers must create new ways to teach as students will need new tools and skill sets to succeed in a world that is very different from the one of today. To excel in the future, students must have as strong knowledge of subject areas, but also be able to apply their knowledge to the world. Essentially, students must be able to be critical thinkers, empathetic communicators, engaged citizens, creative problem solvers and adaptable learners.

FHSD staff also know that students learn these skills in different ways and at different paces — what works for one student does not necessarily work for another. To maximize the potential of all students, the district is committed to engaging and empowering students through an educational experience that focuses on each child’s unique strengths, needs and interests.

Simply put, FHSD believes all students deserve a personalized learning experience that will empower them to excel.

Learn more about the various visionary aspects of FHSD’s innovative, learner-centered schools by reading below.


Students develop their ability to direct their own learning. They set goals, monitor their own progress and reflect on their own strengths and areas for improvement. They learn struggles are opportunities for feedback and growth. Students who learn through self-direction are more adaptive than their peers.


A teacher’s role is multi-dimensional, moving from a dispenser of information to a designer of learning. Teachers must show students how to learn in a manner that resonates with their individual skills, habits and character traits. Teachers connect students to learning by empowering them to find their own unique learning path. Additionally, teachers see themselves as lifelong learners, consistently looking for both professional and personal growth and development.

Learning Environments

Thoughtful consideration about functionality, purpose and students allows Forest Hills’ classrooms and educational spaces to be effectively designed for personalized learning. Flexible learning spaces are conducive to both independent and collaborative learning and are able to be reconfigured as needed to continuously respond to the needs of learners. In short, the set-up of Forest Hills’ schools and classrooms reflect an understanding of how students learn.

Learning Partnerships

Learning partnerships expand the curriculum, connecting students to peers, mentors and experts. Learners, schools and the community work together to fully leverage available resources to maximize the learning experience. Students engage in formal and informal learning both inside and outside of the classroom by working with mentors and partners who help them learn about their subjects and interests in a deeper manner.

Blended Learning

By blending face-to-face instruction with technology, FHSD provides personalized, student-centered learning that empowers students to fully explore their subjects and interests. Blended learning is a fundamental redesign of instruction with the goal of taking learning to deeper levels and allowing students to access learning 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The goal is to personalize learning using modern technology to expand learning opportunities.

Six Competencies (6 Cs)

Forest Hills strives to help students develop skills and knowledge that will empower them to succeed in 21st century education, careers/jobs, civic life and beyond. To accomplish that, FHSD uses 6 Cs (six competencies) as the foundation for teaching and learning. Focus is given not only to mastering core academic content, but also to building the skill sets of the 6 Cs. By mastering both, students develop a keen understanding of academic content and are able to apply their knowledge to situations in education and the workforce. Learn more about the 6 Cs.

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