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Forest Hills School District is committed to transparent, responsive communication that enhances community engagement. To uphold this standard, the Communications Department strives to inform about district programs and services, foster a strong connection with the community and share the stories of Forest Hills. The department maintains regular contact with schools, district departments and local media to provide two-way communication with the public.

The Communications Department is responsible for oversight and coordination of the district’s communications efforts, including:

  • Community engagement
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Publications
  • Special events
  • District website and social media
  • Photography and video production

Questions? Contact Us!

General questions can be submitted to, where a staff member will respond with appropriate information or connect the individual with the relevant department or school.

Questions for the Communications Department can be sent to Communications Coordinator Josh Bazan via email at or via phone at (513) 231-3600, ext. 2966.

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Forest Hills School District provides an unmatched educational experience for students, and the district understands the importance of providing factual, helpful information about those efforts so students, staff, families and community members can stay informed.

- Josh Bazan, Communications Coordinator

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