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Several enrichment activities are financially supported by the PTA and change throughout the year. They range from Spanish, visual arts, karate, Lego Club and many more. Learn more 


When new families come to Wilson, the often ask about “discipline policy” or “bully prevention programs”.  Wilson can proudly respond with a very positive answer to both questions.  

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support, or PBIS, consists of “systemic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes in school communities while preventing problem behaviors.  The key attributes of PBIS include preventive activities, data-based decision making, and a problem solving orientation.”(Education Ohio)  As for bullying behavior, “stand-alone and short term programs are frequently the least effective approaches to bullying behavior change; however, the PBIS approach has consistently led to improved academic and behavioral outcomes.” (Angel Rhodes; Ohio School Counselor Association).  

The Wilson Way was developed in the 2008-09 school year, when a team from Wilson participated in training and developing a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support, or PBIS. With training and support from the Hamilton County Education Service Center, The Wilson Way was born. The three common behavioral expectations are:

  1. Take Care of Yourself
  2. Take Care of Others
  3. Take Care of Wonderful Wilson.

Today, the Wilson Way/PBIS professional learning community meets monthly to review concerns and plan for continuing the work.

The Wilson Way focuses on what positive behavior expectations look and sound like in each school environment: classroom, hallway, cafeteria, bathroom, playground and bus. Each expectation is taught at the beginning of each year. In addition, Wilson hosts booster sessions after long breaks or when the need arises. The common Wilson Way language is used by all staff members for consistency and accountability. In addition, we developed an acknowledgement system to reinforce the positive Wilson Way behavior. There are two cards that students receive to acknowledge that they are following The Wilson Way: The Blue WOW cards are for individual acknowledgement and the Gold WOW cards acknowledge a whole class or grade level. There are menus in each classroom for children to pick from to redeem their Blue and Gold WOW cards.  

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