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Graduation Requirements

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A minimum of 22 units/credits are required for graduation from Turpin High School.  It is the student’s responsibility to see that requirements for graduation are met. The high school will make every effort to keep up-to-date records and to inform the student and parents about the student’s progress toward the completion of graduation requirements. 

Specific units required for graduation are:

  • English: 4.0 units
  • Mathematics: 4.0 units
  • Science: 3.0 units
  • Social Studies: 3.5 units
  • Health: 0.5 units
  • Physical Education: 0.5 units
  • Electives: 6.5 units

Students also must pass all tests mandated by the State of Ohio for graduation eligibility. 

For more information on early graduation, suggested college prep-level coursework and more, see the Course Guide.

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