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Sherwood Mascot

Sherwood Elementary offers many extracurricular opportunities to students to empower them to explore a wide variety of interests and develop life skills. Several of these activities are financially supported by the PTO.


Destination Imagination

The Destination Imagination program is a fun, hands-on, team-based activity that fosters students’ creativity and curiosity through open-ended academic challenges in science, technology, engineering, math, fine arts and service learning. The program is supported by the Forest Hills Foundation for Education.

Rappin’ Ropes

Rappin’ Ropes is a trick jump rope team that performs half-time shows during basketball games at local schools and universities. Rappin’ Ropes also performs at local events around town, such as the Red’s Parade, the Forest Hills 5K and a show for Sherwood Elementary and for the families of the team members. The team performs tricks using various equipment including hula hoops, pogo balls and pogo sticks. They also perform group tricks involving numerous ropes and much cooperation.

Sherlax Club

The Sherlax Club (named after Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax”) is an earth-friendly student organization that works to implement creative ways to help Sherwood and the community “go green”

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